1. No More Dream

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"Hyungs?" the youngest singer of BTS, Jungkook, called out to his soulmates.

It was a rare day off for the Idol group, and they had all chosen to spend it relaxing at home. They would soon be leaving for their World Tour which would keep them away from home for weeks. Currently, all seven of them were lounging around the living room of their dorm. It was a big open space with a large sofa, a love seat, and an armchair. The three youngest of the group were sitting together on the loveseat, with Taehyung lying across the laps of the other two. Yoongi was sleeping comfortably in the armchair, while the rest of the Hyung-line took the sofa.

"How many times do we have to tell you, Jungkook. We are all your Hyungs," Hoseok sighed.

As the youngest of the group, Jungkook referred to all the older boys as Hyung, as a sign of familiarity and respect. However, he had developed a habit of not specifying which of his soulmates he was referring to or using the term to address all of them together.

"What is... do we have a plan?" the youngest asked, his eyes lowered.

He felt like the shy little boy he was back when they first met. Back then, he would avoid the older boys whenever he could, waiting until they had all gone to bed before showering and barely speaking a word to them. While he had got over being shy around his soulmates, this was a tricky subject he was bringing up.

"I plan to enjoy a day of peace and quiet," Yoongi - stage name Suga - spoke up without even opening his eyes.

The rapper was known for loving his sleep. He was often caught on camera behind the scenes sleeping anywhere and at any time. No one liked to be the one to wake him up. While some have called him lazy, true fans know that Yoongi spends his nights working on his music instead of sleeping.

"Plan? Plan for what, Jungkookie?" Namjoon - also known as RM - asked.

As the leader of their group, Namjoon knew about any plans they might have. They had a lot, so he wondered which plan their youngest was referring to. Their schedule was always jam-packed with rehearsals, photoshoots, filming advertisements, and their variety show, Run BTS. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time they had a day off altogether like this.

"I... I mean, we," Jungkook gestured to the two boys sitting with him, "want to find our last soulmate."

"I think we all want that, but we agreed to let fate work its magic - like it did for the rest of us," the lead dancer, Hoseok, replied.

With the stage name J-Hope, Hoseok was known for being the bright shining light of the group. He was constantly emitting positive energy.

"We did, but it has been ten years since I joined and we became seven. I think it is time to give fate a bit of a nudge," Jimin spoke up.

While Jimin was known for his duality on stage, being able to change from cute to sexy in a second, he also had a split in his personality off stage. As the oldest of the maknae-line, the youngest members of the group, he was serious, sensitive, and thoughtful. Yet as one of the youngest, he could also be very playful and enjoyed making those around him laugh.

"More like a push," muttered Taehyung.

Jimin ran his fingers through his fellow 95er's hair to comfort him. Being the same age, Jimin and Taehyung had a particularly strong bond. They were best friends first. The two soulmates had spent many nights curled up together discussing the final member of their soul-group. Taehyung, stage name V, was particularly sensitive to their bonds. The absence of their final soulmate had started to affect him.

"Wow, ten years... has it really been so long?" Hoseok muttered to himself.

"We, Jin-Hyung and I," Namjoon glanced at his oldest soulmate next to him, "have been discussing this ourselves, and we were planning on bringing it up with you all."

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