Chapter 1

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Without further ado, FORCED LOVE (DRAMIONE)

Forced Love

The birds were chirping outside and the sunlight streamed in though Hermione's bedroom window.

Hermione slowly drifted out of her sleep. When she was fully awake, she smiled softly to herself. Then she thought about the events that occured the previous day, the day that summer vacation had started. She frowned slightly, remembering.


Hermione grinned. She, along with the other students in her year, were invited graciously back to Hogwarts to re-do their seventh year. Hermione couldn't wait to go to Ron and share the good news with him. But where was he? Hermione looked around Kings Cross Station, platform 9 3/4. "Oh, there he is!" Hermione thought as she caught sight of Ron standing near a pillar towards the entrance with his bags.

Hermione quickly walked over to Ron. When Ron caught sight of Hermione, he tensed up slightly.

"Ron! Good News! We're coming back to Hogwarts next year after the summer!" Hermione cried, throwing her arms around Ron. Ron gently pushed her away, looking worried.

"Uhh...Hermione...let's go somewhere quiet.  I have to tell you something important." Ron said nervously.  Ron led Hermione to a secluded section of the station, where only a few people were standing.

"Yes, Ron?," Hermione said questioningly, wondering if it was bad news.  Maybe he couldn't come back for seventh year.  Oh, no! "What do you have to say?"

"I-I'" Ron whispered, looking at the ground, not meeting Hermione's surprised eyes.

But before Hermione got to say anything, Ron spoke again.

"And i just want you to know...we can't be together anymore.  I'm b-breaking up with you." Ron said, gaining enough courage to look at Hermione.  He gazed at her intently, trying to make out her expression.

Hermione still said nothing, trying to decide if Ron was joking or not.  But she started to cry, her confident composure breaking and her shoulders shaking.

"W-What?  You're joking right?!" Hermione cried, sobbing hysterically.

"I'm sorry, Hermione.  But we can still be friends." Ron said sadly, his eyebrows creasing.  Hermione just wiped away her tears, and tried to be strong.  Until she was alone.  Then she would break down again.

"I have to go.  Goodbye," Ron spoke softly, picking up his bags and awkwardly patting Hermione on the shoulder.  "Oh, and one more thing.  You're always welcome at the Burrow anytime."

"Goodbye." Hermione whispered, wondering how this day could have possibly gone wrong.

*End of Flashback*

Hermione quickly shook her head, dissmissing the thought.  She wasn't going to let a few bad things ruin her summer.

Suddenly, Hermione's mother strode into Hermione's bedroom, and shouted, "Today is going to be an awesome day!  My childhood friend is coming!"  Hermione hissed and covered her eyes as Jean Granger walked up to her curtains, grabbed them, and pushed them to the side, letting the full force of the already bright sun enter the room.

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