fixing the problem

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this is Mia's dress isnt it pretty i wish i wore this to prom..... oh well enjoy guys


Lily's Pov

It was now thirty minutes till the ball , Mia had her makeup done and was now freaking out because her dress doesn't fit so she was looking around for a dress .

"What about that one " I ask pointing at the blue one

"NO everyone will be wearing blue ! " she whined

"Right pass me those two dresses " I point at a short white one that looked like a dancers costume and a black one that had flower detailing "go and get your mums sewing kit " she dose as I ask and comes running back in .

"What are you doing ?" She asks , as she pass me the sewing kit and u start to rip of the flower detailing .

"Sorting the problem, thread" she passes the thread as I work quickly .


Ding dong

"Sugar um ... Mum can you get the door it's our dates" Mia called out from the bathroom I had finished her dress with five minutes to spare so I did very good. She came out and looked amazing , her dress was just above the knee the white fabric puffed out a little bit , the one shoulder strap was made up of the black flowers from the other dress the flowers went down and feathered out . All together it was amazing , nice work Lily.

" Are you ready because we are running late" Mia's mum called up .

"One second" she shouts back "what you think ?" She asks

" more you I love it " I say putting on my heels

" Right let's go " she says as we walk down the stairs , I am so going to fall. My dress was black and hugged my body , it also had a low back which was very faltering . My hair was in a bun at the bottom of my neck , as for my makeup it was simple nothing to colourful but natural.

"Wow Mia you look beautiful " I hear Riley say as I walk down the stairs, as I look up I see everyone staring , Riley looking impressed , Charlie looking overjoyed and Ethan surprised , wait why was he here. He was standing by the door smoking a cigarette you could tell Mias mother wasn't impressed by the dirty look she gave him as she left.

"What is there something on my face"I walk to the final step and reach for Charlie who shook his head , looking very happy and nervous , wait bad boys get nervous uh who knew?

"No you look beautiful " he says I blush , wait aren't we supposed to have masks

"Um we'll... I you look good too" I say looking him up and down in his suit god he looked hot , what wait . " um where are the masks?" I ask to none in particular.

"Here I have them ," I hear Ethan say as he hands us each a mask, he looks at me with regret in his eyes. I have trouble tying it on so Charlie helped me.

"You know I won't be leaving you side tonight " I hear him whisper in my ear as he finished timing my mask

"Guessing you don't like the plan ."I turned to him as we started to walk to the car

"Not since I found out what he did to you last weekend " he brushed his hand over my arm where the cut was.

"Please tell me if he dose it because I don't like the idea of you being hurt." He replays opening the door of the car as I look into my eyes .

"Okay, I am sorry that I didn't tell you but at the time we hardly knew each other " I say

"Come on love birds, we don't have all evening " I hear Riley shout which cause both me and Charlie to blush , we both for in and were ready to go.

We were now all seated and half way though the meal , I was sat with my parents and my brother , to be honest I am surprised he came he hates stuff like this , well so do I. It was also nearly time for the plan to start which was making me more nervous than it should, I mean nothing will go wrong but I can't help but have this sick felling in my stomach which cause me not to eat and people are noticing.

" Hey, Are you alright sis? You seem a bit off" my brother asks I look at him, he cleaned up pretty well he had a black suit and tie with a red mask , very nice.

" um yeah I'm fine why wouldn't I be" I ask , and before he could reply he was interrupted by the host which of course is our mayor .

Unknown pov

We were all now seated for the meal , as the mayor talked a looked over at Lily she wasn't paying attention .

But she did look beautiful her dress fitted her body perfectly and her mask made her eyes shine, her frightened eyes.She didn't want to go throw with this, she's scared for her family and for everyone else. She cares so much and I love her for that. Wait what. Nevermind.

She thinks that what happened in the past is her fault but it wasn't she is so strong yet so fragile I won't let him hurt her even if I die trying.

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