Normally Girls Stay For Breakfast

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Lily's Pov

Bring .... Bring

Who the hell was calling so early in the morning , it's a Saturday no one I knew wakes up that early. I grab around for my phone to early to open my eyes , I get my phone and answer it thankfully it's an iPhone so I don't have to press a button.

"Hello ?" I say in my morning voice not the most attractive voice I must say.As I snuggle into my pillow it seem a lot softer than last night.

" WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!" Mia screams down the phone , shit. I open my eyes the turned huge when I saw was not at home I was in fact I was in Ethan's bed , I must have stayed over .

" Shit I woke up late I just getting ready" I say

" How can you get ready if you aren't at home ?!?!?" She asks

" um I will explain later let's , meet in town in thirty minutes"

"Fine you owe me and meet me at the hair dressers " then she hang up , I look around the room and see that Charlie was on the sofa and Riley was on the floor. Wait where was Ethan ?

"Morning sweetheart " I hear him say from beside me , I turn to see a topless Ethan on top of the covers. He winked and my face heated up , he had his legs crossed and his arms up resting on the head board.

"What are you doing ? " I ask a bit embarrassed to be in the same bed and not know how I got there.

"Well, I was sleeping until your phone woke me up by the way your cute when you sleep." He replies

"No, I didn't mean that I mean .... Oh never mind can I borrow a top I need to get into town " I ask

" What? Leavening so soon , normally when a girl stays the night she stays for breakfast." I slap him

" you know I was joking and yeah look in the top draw and the bathroom is throw there unless you want to put on a show I am sure the guys would really appreciate it . Especially Charlie " he starts to laughs and I give him the look . As I get up I realise I am only in my top from yesterday , being the dick he is, he whistle .

"Shut up turn away" I say he dose surprisingly, I go to the draw and get an old baseball top and walk across the room to the bathroom

" dude wake up " I hear Ethan shout as I get to the bathroom door and I hear Charlie voice

" what dude... Whoa , um hi Lily " I hear him say I turn around to see a smirking Ethan and a star struck Charlie . I go into the bathroom and slam the door and get changed into Ethan's baseball top , after I have freshened up I walk out to see none there so I grab my phone and bag , as in walk down the stairs I hear two voices one deferentially a girl .

"What do you mean she stayed the night , I am your girlfriend not that slut !!!! "In hear the girl scream , it sounded dreadful and I released that it was Zoe . I am in deep shit and I didn't even do anyhthing.

"You are not my girlfriend you are just someone to past the time with, and it's not like I did anything with Lilly . Charlie and Riley were in the room" he shouts back , it was quite so I took it as my chance to go down the stairs but as I got to the bottom floor hey were there having a staring match. Until their heads snapped in my direction , Zoe looked like she was going to claw my face off and Ethan looked like he didn't want me here.

"YOU" Zoe says with venom in her tone , she was walking near me and Ethan held her back "this is all your fault we were doing fine until you showed up !!! Can't you get a boyfriend by yourself are you an ugly sl*t or are you just a dum ass b***h that you can't get one "

By the time she had finished Charlie and Riley had come in , Charlie was holding my arm but I was to upset to move it's not the first time I have been called those names, maybe I should go .

" Zoe I am NOT your boyfriend , get a grip ..." He said looking at her with so much hatred

" But it's true isn't it you like her ..." She said and everyone looked at them including me, he didn't like me.

" Just get out " he said looking at her with no emotion, not answering her question.

" but..." She tried to reply

"NOW" he said and she went I didn't realise that tears were coming down my face . Charlie turns me towards me and wipes my tear away with his thumb as he looks down into my eyes , before pulling me into a hug .

" Don't believe her okay your beautiful " Charlie whispers into my ear . He was way too sweet to me , if only he knew what I have done. I have to admit I'm not proud of it and they would this of me just like Zoe did. But they didn't know it was true.

"Thats not completely true " I whispered he looked into my eyes trying to figure it out I shook my head and whipped my tears away" I need to go can you drop me off into town I need to get ready for tonight "

" Lilly I am ...." Ethan started to speak

" It's no problem okay, we on for the plan tonight ?" I ask not looking at him.

"Yeah I will fill you guys in later , you coming back to get changed Charlie ?" He asks, Charlie nods and we were on our way.

I was now at the hair dressers waiting for Mia's hair to be finished , mine thank god didn't take to long because I don't have that much hair .Mia's hair was a lot longer and thicker , her hair was being curled and put up in a half up half down thing with some sort of plat . Mine on the other hand was in a bun at the nape of my neck with a few bits curled to frame my face , I have to say it was simple and very pretty .

"So are you going to tell me where you was ?" Mia kept asking and I told her I would tell her when we get to hers so I could come up with some sort of lie that sounded believable, I know I have to keel Riley out of it . I know what you are all thinking , you're such a bad best friend , really I'm not I just don't want her to be pulled into this mess .

" doneeee" I hear Mia say, I look up from my phone and she looked beautiful even without the dress and the makeup .

"It looks beautiful M" I say while she blushes

"Really do you reckon Riley will like it , it's not to curly is it ..." She rambles on, you see when she gets nervous she rambles about everything and anything , I don't know why she always looks flawless.

"Mia it is perfect " I say and she smiles .

"Right let's go and get ready... then you can get out if that old baseball t-shirt" she says heading for the door and I pay, only two more hours .

"It's comfy okay" I say smelling the fabric, it smelt like Ethan . 

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