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Sherlock skyped wattpad yet again and had to show us how Moriaty faked his death.... 

I heard that you wanted to know how Moriaty died/faked his death, and I do have a theory since he had died. 

I do not know if the world knows that Moriaty has a brother, James Moriaty, obviously I call Moriaty from his surname (first name Jim) and then I looked on information on his family tree with my brother before he tried to 'end my story' and my theory is that the whole time it could have been James who has tried to frame me but, Jim must have taken all the blame for every crime he had done. 

When I was with him on the roof top, it may have been James and because he so-called 'killed himself' this may have angered Jim causing him to 'come back.'

Another theory is that the gun may have been a fake, even though there was blood, however when turned away, someone might have added some 'make-up' on him, making it look like a real death.

However, his death is still a mystery.....

I'm guessing the east wind is coming soon

~ SH


I hope that made sense, of course I made this up lol 

Watch the video on the side if you want to know any other ideas on how he cold have faked his death XP

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