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My hand travels up her leg. Alana chokes on her water but quickly apologizes to the table. Luciano arches an eyebrow at her before shrugging it off. Little does the table know that I am playing with her, causing her skin to break out in goosebumps and her core to warm. The subtle way she bites on her lips and flutters her eyes closed is driving me wild.

Her parents finish their order with the waitress as I grip her thigh tightly. I give it a nice squeeze and she moves to the edge of her chair, but instead of moving to her core, I rub circles in the inside of her thigh. She grunts softly before covering up the sound with a harsh clear of her throat.

As the waitress turns to us, I give my answer as I pressed two of my fingers hard onto her core. Her panties were a sort of barrier that I dared to try and remove. She pushed forward and my fingers drove deeper into her clit. She sighed as she flipped through the menu and her mother casts her eyes up to her daughter.

I remove the barrier and the warmth flushes my heads as I slide my fingers over her slit. When I take my hand back, the wet on my fingers is surprising. I can't help but smirk as I casually press my fingers into my mouth. "Delicious."

"What is?" Nehemiah asks blankly. He's staring down at the menu in confusion and I stifle a startling remark. Alana had made me promise that I wouldn't say anything sexual in front of her parents.

"I am just thinking about my Alfredo." I say passively.

She turns to me and places her lips on my ear. "Don't stop."

I smirk before moving my hand back to her thighs. "What do you want me to do?"

I don't speak loud enough for anyone to hear but her. I know Luciano us watching us like a hawk but it didn't matter to me what he knew. Elaisa eyed us as we had our secret conversation, though, and that made me a little nervous. I didn't much care for Alana's family. I had seen what Nehemiah and Luciano was capable of but I understood them for what they were.

Her father was abusive asshole that justified his actions with the idea that he did it all to protect his children. He was rude and mean and much like a bill that doesn't care for the carnage he causes as long as he gets his red flag. In the two weeks that we had been here, it had been easy to notice. Nehemiah was driven by accomplishment. He was the worst person and yet, I can't even say that he doesn't love his children. He does.

Luciano was like a brother to Alana. They had grown up with each other. It was kind of hard for them not to be as close as they were. They fought, a lot. Alana had been pissed at him for laying a finger on me and Luciano had been pissed at Alana for loving me. Luciano had tried to rebuild the trust he had lost with Alana. I could tell that he needed her to forgive him. As much as I disliked the boy, I felt a pinch of sadness for him. He had been doing what he needed to protect his family and find the person that murdered the love of his life. I understood him more than he thought.

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