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"Come on," he yells from the top of the school building. There's laughter and amusement in his blue eyes, I can see it all the way from down here. "What are you waiting for?"

"Diana wants me to study with her." I complained as I shield the sun with my hand. I'm smiling at him even though the sun feels so annoyingly bright and harsh against my skin.

"Diana can wait, we have better things to do."

I scoffed, "Like what?"

A bubbly laugh like it's the most obvious thing to have ever been thought of. "Like plan our takeover of the world."

"Mr. Starring." We both freeze at Professor Cornelius's unkind voice. "Miss Deacon. How am I not surprised?"

I facepalm myself before shouldering my bag and turning to the teacher in shame. "Hello, Professor, lovely day for walk, isn't it?"

"Or a sunbathe on the top of the Erlius Building, Mr. Starring?"

"A delightful day for it, I'd say." He agrees with the pale skinned Professor. "Maybe you should give it a go, get some more color in your cheeks, sir. You look a bit close to death."

"Don't be smart," I scold him and he just grins down at me. "He apologizes, Professor, he didn't mean any rudeness."

Professor Cornelius eyed me before shaking his head in disapproval. "When are you going to stop cleaning up his messes Francesca?"

I look up at him, he was still smiling and grinning like no tomorrow. I shrugged and gave him a smirk to match his. "I don't think I ever will, it'll always be me and him, sir."

I looked back to Professor Cornelius but he wasn't there anymore. Instead there were a series of gravestones and the once sunny blue sky turned dark  and gloomy. A coldness overwhelmed me and I fell to the ground.

I called out for him but I could only hear him laughing as I clawed my way to the gravestones. I needed help getting up. My body felt stiff and everything hurt so god damn much.

"You are such a baby." I could hear him chuckling out. "Diana isn't in charge of you, you know?"

"I know." I whispered. "I know."

"Neither am I for that matter." His voice was so loud. He wasn't even screaming but god it was like he was right next to me. "Gravestones? I haven't killed anyone yet."

"Stop it." I beg but it's no use, he loved to push and push until someone exploded. I can't move anymore and suddenly he is standing over me.

"Brooklyn Yates, Delphi Fox, Misha Lukist." He listed off the names on the gravestones behind me. "Well, well, well Diana Salvatore and next to her is her beloved innocent younger sister, Alana Salvatore."

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