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It would only be a couple more hours until we got into the city. We had left the hotel early the next morning barely awake and extremely tired from the uncomfortable bed. Alana was driving at the moment,  while we ate food from the nearest drive thru. I was a little distressed by Alana's driving but she was relatively good enough at driving even though she was currently eating and driving with her knee. I watched the road extra hard because of this.

"So roses, green accents, and you want a body of water." I list off the things that Alana was weirdly very solid in her decision. She had been very particular in the fact that the green had to be to the darkest shade of green so that when the sunshine, from the outside garden wedding that she wanted, hit it just right then it would glint in the light. The red roses and even the green I could understand, but the need for a body of water was a little interesting to say the least.

"Preferably a grand water fountain." Alana answers as she scarfs down her chicken nuggets and takes a left turn back onto the Highway.

Sipping on my root beer I try to think of how it would be possible. "That's an interesting request, Angel."

"Well it's what I want." Alana declares.

I roll my eyes. "If it's what you want, I'll make it happen."

Alana's face looks passive for a second before she frowns, "That doesn't mean I'm excited for this wedding."

"You're marrying me, you should be thrilled."

"No, you should be thrilled to be marrying me."

"Who says I'm not?" I raise my eyebrow.

I can see her suppress her smile as I fail to suppress mine. Today had been a pretty relaxing day between us, she didn't make any snide remarks or any digs at my past. It was almost like she was trying to be pleasant instead of a complete bitch to me. Though I didn't mind when she was being a bitch, I just wanted her to be okay with the idea that she would have to marry me.

No matter if I was falling in love with her.

She brushed her hair away from her face as she focused on not crashing into the back of the KIA. I sat up a little straighter and tried to reframe from slamming onto my imaginary brakes. "This car is a little expensive, Angel."

"You stole this car." She deadpanned.

I had to give her that. "Because I knew how much it was worth..."

"We'll be fine, plus you're the one who made me drive so you can't complain." She says with a teasing smile.

"I am starting to realize that was mistake."

"Nothing with me is a mistake, thank you very much." Alana chuckles before flipping on the radio. The song quieted us into a silence and I relaxed in the music as I write onto the complimentary notebook from the hotel. The wedding still had to go on even if we had a bid over our heads. So our car ride had been full of making those decisions. "Do we get a live band?"

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