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I'm in the shower when Alana pushes open the door and welcomes herself in. My eyes are wide as she comes in wearing Dorinda — one of my favorite dark crimson double ended strap-ons. I don't mind it, it's fucking hot to know that she has seven inches my strap on buried inside of her. The other seven inches, I presume are for me. I wait for her to make a move but she doesn't. Instead, we don't speak as she grabs the shampoo and begins massaging it into her scalp. I watch her perfect tits jiggle as she does this. Her eyes are closed and her head is titled back in an attempt to let the soap run down her back instead into her eyes.

The song playing on the bathroom speaker is just as sexual and seductive as the energy between Alana and I. I can barely breathe as my eyes devour her body. I can't let her start anything, I am far too busy, today. I can't let her, but god the way her body twists and turns under the light gleaming off her wet body.

I let the water wash away the conditioner as I try to ignore the arousal between my legs. She looks truly gorgeous and powerful standing like that. To be fucked by her would be the truest form of heaven on earth. "Against the glass."


Alana's fingers bury into my hair before she pushes me against the glass. Excitement buzzes inside of me as my face is flush against the glass and I'm having a hard time sucking in a real breath. I can feel the strap skimming my ass and I close my eyes and await for the moment she thrusts the dildo deep inside of me. She doesn't do that immediately though, her fingers open my pussy lips in search for my clit. "You're wet for me, aren't you?"

Pleasure trembles over me and it takes everything inside of me to try and stop this going any further. "Angel, I have a meeting in thirty minutes."

She presses her body against me and forces the strap between my legs. "That's not what I asked, Francesca, are you or are you not wet for me?"

My eyes are closed tight. "Fuck, yes."

"Mmm, are you going to let baby fuck you real good?"

"Angel-" I am so close to giving in to being completely submissive as she rubs circles into my clit.

"Beg, Daddy."

"I don't beg."

Alana's fingers go faster on my clit until I am a moaning mess and I'm grabbing at the fucking glass for actual support. I can feel her lips against my ear as the strap gets pushed deeper between my legs and against my clit. She's moving in a calm and slow thrusting motion that is driving my clit crazy.

Suddenly the shows is shut off and she's dragging me outside of the shower. Alana pushes me to the sink before hooking her arms under my legs and practically throwing me onto the counter. I look down at her in surprise before her lips meet my wet skin. She kisses and sucks on every part of my torso, her teeth dragging across my hard nipples, and she's relishing in me.

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