Hotel (dnf)

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Thank you people for 1k reads :))
I have literally no motivation to write so apologizes if this seems rushed or dragged on, idk how people write 6k word chapters.
(1k special :0 and sorry the POV's switch often)

George woke up in a somewhat familiar surrounding, Dream's bedroom.

He felt a nudge on his shoulder, and looked over to see Dream with a adorable smile on his face.

"Good morning", Dream said, piling on top of George.

George let out a out-of-breath groan and muttered, "Ugh, your heavy."

Dream crawled more closer to George and started nipping and kissing his neck, making George close his eyes and tilt his head back. "Dream... Come on.."

Dream pulled away and gave a pouty face before getting off George and walking away somewhere else in the house.

George flipped himself over onto his stomach and rubbed his eyes, before setting his hands on the bed and pushing himself up and he sat there for a while trying to wake up more.

Dream POV

Dream started walking towards the living room, and he started pacing around. He was so excited for today he could barely contain it. It was a surprise, for George. Well, George knew about the dinner date but not the rest that Dream had planned.

Dream messed with the rings on his hand as he nervously waited for George to get ready.

*time pass*

Dream and George laughed together, as they kept casual conversation while they drove to the dinner date.

Dream gripped George's thigh tighter as he drove with his left hand. He couldn't wait for this lovely surprise.

"We're here," Dream turned to George and smiled lightly, removing his hand from his thigh. Dream got out of the car and practically ran to George's door to open it for him before he could do it himself.

George looked up at Dream standing holding the car door open, breathing slightly heavy from sprinting to the door. "You know I can open the door myself right?," he joked.

Dream tilted his head slightly and smiled cutely, "I know!"

Dream grabbed George's hand and lead him into the way-too-fancy restaurant.

"Dream!" George pleaded with his eyes.

"What?" He looked at George and smirked.

"This is way too expensive, Im sure if--"

Dream put his finger on George's mouth, stopping him. "George, we deserve to treat ourselves sometimes."

The black-haired waiter led the two to a booth, while George gazed around the beautiful restaurant.

The two sat on opposite sides on the booth, and got comfortable as they ordered their drinks.

They discussed casual conversation, with Dream making multiple flirty remarks.

George POV

George stared blankly at the menu, everything sounded so fancy, and not to mention expensive. They have the money to afford it, but still.

The black-haired waiter came back, requesting their orders. George expected Dream to order for him because he knew George had social anxiety, so it took him off guard when he didn't.

"And what would you like?"

George opened his mouth to order, but instead he let out a noise of surprise as he felt Dream's shoe rubbing against his leg.

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