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OUT OF ALL times did it really have to happen right now. I was finally enjoying myself.

“Look I'm going to say something and it may or may not sound scary but you have to promise me you won't leave okay?"

“I promise now what's happening? "

“I can't tell you that love but what I want you to do is to feel under the seat there should be a gun and bullets are they there?"


“Good now I'm gonna need you to calm down for me okay luv you're going to be okay, Now hand me the gun cause and once I say go I want you to duck and not come up until I say so,"

“One question, "

“Make it quick," I said looking into the rear view mirror seeing that they were still following us.

“Is the car bullet proof,"

“Yes it is luv but I need to make sure they don't see you cause I don't want you in any danger okay,"

“Okay that makes sense,"

I luckily programmed this car to drive it self it took a while with the help of Corry I managed to get it done. Seeing that they were getting closer I had a few options two of them being the two holes I made in the windows so that I could shoot out without getting shot. Deciding to go with the one in the rear win shield so that I would have more accurate shots.
The more cars I took down the more that came I was exhausted Kyla was shaking and I'm almost done with my bullets. I had taken down about 20 cars and they just keep coming out of nowhere.

Sitting back down I drive into traffic knowing they wouldn't shoot there and quickly pull out my phone hitting the group call icon I ring all my brothers, dad and Cory. As soon as they answer I don't give them a chance to speak.

“Look I'm in a chase with people who I think are the Swedish mafia we've been at it for about twenty minutes and I'm with Kyla she's shaking I just want to hold her but I can't I'm going to send you my location bring backup and lots of it cause I'm pretty sure there's a tracker on my car because vehicles are waiting in every gap no matter how much I try to loose them. I'm almost out of ammunition and I'm tired so please hurry," I say quickly as I leave the call and send them my location.

Looking down at Kyla I see her picking at her figures something that they both did a lot. Leaning down slightly I hold her hands steady then slowly move them apart sitting up straight, I stretch out my hand for her.

“You can do whatever you want to mine just not yours," I said giving her a smile. She's the only reason I'm not raging right now. Giving me a small smile back she starts twisting the rings on my fingers. Only one thought was running through my mind though When would they be here. After seeing them arrive in different types of cars to blend in I swing ofof the road and into a new road which brings you back to the highway after a while.

Seeing that they turned in right after me along with my brothers I drive for a bit until pretend to turn but instead I come to a stop this sends all the cars who were turning right straight into each other.

“Stay here," I say as I step out of the car

Immediately everyone from the Swedish mafia stepped out and hold their guns at me.

“Gentlemen it is right raise a gun at a young girl," I said letting out a giggle.

“You're out numbered so its either we do this the hard way or the easy way," One of them I'm guessing the one they put in charge of this speaks up stepping forward.

“Ive never been one too take the easy way out, plus who said I was?" I said cocking a brow.

“Look around do you really see anyone who could help you?"

𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚜𝚎 𝚙𝚎𝚘𝚙𝚕𝚎,"

I thought I uploaded this sorry for the cliff hanger

I didn't read over

I didn't read over

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