Chapter 12

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I walked up to the man. "Hi I'm going to be on patrol when your on it as well. My name is Shane. Are you enjoying your time here?" he asked "Hi Shane, I'm liking it very very much. anyway shall we head out?" I replied. We walked outside of the gates. "So all we have to do is get rid of any roamers within our area. Its so they don't touch the village." Shane said "Sounds fun!" I replied sarcastically. we spent a few hours looking around before the first zombie came to us. Its strange that they call them roamers. "That a pretty sweet weapon you have there!" Shane said. "Thanks, it reminds me of my mum." I replied "Is she ... gone?" "I don't know. I was at a sleepover and when this all started i went back to the house and the car had gone, but i try not to think of what could have happened." We carried on searching for zombies but there were none.

(Sophie's POV)

I woke up this morning pretty early since i had to go down to the chicken to feed them and collect the eggs. I went down there and there was another woman feeding them as well. There were a lot of chickens. "Hi I'm Jordan, you must be Sophie. I've heard so much about you!" Jordan said in a happy mood. " Hi Jordan!" I replied "Whats my first job." "All you have to do today is feed the little chicks I'll leave the rest for the other two new ones. After that, you can just go back home and enjoy your day." Jordan smiled and walked off.

(Peck's POV)

I open my eyes, looked at the clock. it was 12pm "I better get down to the supply room to collect house number 17's stuff." I said to myself. I went down stairs after getting dressed. I looked down at the floor and there was a note that had been posted.

House 17 Weekly Supply Creates.

Monday - 10 toilet paper rolls, 2 soaps , 7 towels.

Tuesday - 7 tops, 7 bottoms, 7 underwear, 7 pairs of socks, 1 pair of shoes

Wednesday - Just clean their trash.

Thursday - take out laundry and put it in the utility room.

Friday Saturday & Sunday - Ask if they're having a nice morning.

Kind regards - Georgia x

Today was Tuesday so i guess i have to go and get them some clothes. I went down to the clothes house (as it said on the sign) I grabbed the appropriate clothes that i was told to get. and i head down to house 17. I knocked at the door and an old woman answered. "Good morning dear!" She said. I handed her the clothes and said have a nice day. I walked off and went back to the house.

(Sineads POV)

It was getting near to 5pm which is near to the time I have to get to the restaurant. I have to cook dinners, however i would like to do breakfasts. I got to the restaurant on time and i was filled with people and so many people were busy that they didn't know i was new. A man told me to cook what ever comes up on the board and then he just walked off so that's what i did. After cooking non stop for 5 hours I was aloud to go home.

(Alfie's POV)

I was sleeping. I heard footsteps. It was one of them. "Leighanna!" i whispered. " I here it too, grab your sword we need to get rid of them. We went down stairs to check it out but the noise had stopped. something touched the back of my head. I turned and swung my sword without looking. Two heads flew across the room. "What did we do!" Leighanna screamed. Two beheaded bodies were laying there. they go by the names of Ryan and Caitlyn. "We need to get them out of here!" I whispered.

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