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JADA'S DATE WITH THOMAS is later today. She seems very keen on looking her absolute best for tonight, even if it just a first date. She is making me come and get my nails done with her. I mean I won't say no to getting my nails done, I haven't got them done in a months.

I stick my feet into the sink, the feeling of hot water against my feet wakes me up a bit. I'm getting both my nails and feet painted, same with Jada.

On my toes I am going to get them painted white, and i'm thinking about getting them with a clear gel, but forest green tips on all my fingers and on the ring finger a daisy design. I'm hoping it turns out well, simple but pretty is what i'm going for.

Jada got her toes painted a lilac purple color and on her nails, she's getting them white with multi-colored thin stripes across of each nail. She showed me the picture on pinterest.

"What color would you like?" The nail artist asks me.

"Just a plain white gel please!" I respond and give her a little smile.

She grabs the nail polish and begins painting my toes.

"Hey Jada, are you nervous for later?" I ask her out of the blue.

"A little bit I guess, but I really like Thomas and it's easy for me to talk to him, so I think it will be pretty fun!" She tells me and the corners of her lips curve up.

I smile to myself, I'm so happy for her. She deserves this.

"I'm literally so excited for you." I say enthusiastically and she giggles.

I kind of forgot i'm in a room with a bunch of people. Oops.

After a few minutes the nail artist finishes my toes and begins to prep my nails for the acrylics. I'm not getting them too long because some things are very hard to do with long nails. If you know, you know.

Jada's nail artist is almost done painting hers, she made it seem so easy, I can barely even open a bottle of old nail polish without struggling.

Once both of our nails are done, I thank my nail artist and go up to the counter to pay for our nails. I told Jada I would pay for them since she is going on her first date in a while tonight. It doesn't really make since, but I couldn't think of a better reason.

I know, I'm a great friend.

Now we are going to get Jada's hair done. What the actual fuck. I don't know why she's putting so much effort into this date, I guess i'm not the best person to be judging her, I haven't gone on a date since sophomore year.

The bell rings as we walk in the door, we both take a seat on the uncomfortable chairs.

"Do you have an appointment, or just a walk up?" The hairdresser asks.

"I have an appointment for 2 o'clock." Jada responds softly and smiles slightly.

"Okay, well since you are here early, we can get you started right now, my last client didn't show up!" She says and chuckles slightly.

"Alright, thank you!"

Jada sits down in the more comfortable chair and the hairdresser puts one of those cover things over Jada's front. I never learned what those are called.. Gown? Cloak? Cape? Who fucking knows.

Jada shows her a picture of what she wants, once again, from pinterest. She didn't even show me yet, she wanted it to be a "surprise". To be honest, I really hate surprises because you never know what to expect, something good, something bad, something super freaking scary, and god knows what else.

"Hey Emily, do you think Thomas will think i'm pretty? I'm not sure if he thinks I am or not." Jada says and looks at me through the mirror in front of her.

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