Chapter : 2 A NEW HOPE

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Somewhere in Solitas

Jaune was dropped off by the bullhead and proceeded to walk on foot

Jaune found a small town to start a new life

At first he took any job that was offered thanks to his mother's teaching he found simple tasks to fill his day opting to buy a simple tent he set up his new home in a patch of free land within the walls.

Jaune spoke to the town's chief to allow him to live there and so Jaune build up his strength and became known in the town as a jack of all trades taking on any job available from carpenter to farmer to waiter to crossing guard for children which earned him the attention of a lot of single moms Jaune was slightly proud that he was able to achieve these small things. That was how low he thought of himself.

Then finally found his calling as the town's Blacksmith from making weapons to repairs Jaune was moving forward.

A Few Months later

The town was attacked by bandits of the Branwen Tribe in all the chaos the Grimm were attracted to the panic of the people and I'll intent of the bandits. The bandits broke off their raid and left the village to it's Fate.

The town's guardsmen led the defense along with Jaune until a few children were cornered by a pack of Beowolves
Jaune saw this and charged the pack without hesitation. Jaune decided to calm the children down.

"Hey you kids alright?" Jaune asked

The kids nodded fast

"I need you guys to be heroes" Jaune told the children.

"Heroes?" the kids asked

"Yeah I need you to be brave, I need you to run towards your parents while I hold the monsters off." Jaune said with determined eyes

The kids nodded again and started to get ready

"GO!!!" Jaune screamed

The kids ran while Jaune grabbed the attention of the Grimm.

All the while screaming to the kids to inspire them to move

"If you want to be a hero you got to have dreams kids...BE BRAVE!!!!" Jaune screamed as he charged the horde along with the remaining guardsmen the civilians miraculously evacuated the city along with the children Jaune saved as they looked back they saw a young boy with blonde hair the last man standing still fighting the horde.

The people sent their prayers to the fallen.

Three weeks later the town slowly but surely rebuilt itself but a new addition to the town was given effort to build.

In the center of the city stands a monument dedicated to the young man standing tall with a rifle in hand blasting away to a statue of a Ursa charging at him, with the names of the fallen guardsmen etched into the stone. And a plaque with the words
In honor of a brave young man. With is name immortalized Jaune with a quote If you want to be a hero you got to have dreams engraved on the stone.

Academies were notified of the events

Mostly a few people were affected by the news.

Team CFVY travelled to the city to visit the grave site and monument.
With Velvet kneeling in front of the monument in prayer and in sadness that the boy she fell for has now passed but happy that he was recognized as a hero.

Yang Xao Long went to the city to investigate the Branwen Tribe not caring of what happened to Jaune.

Ruby could not go due to Yang and Weiss but Blake sneaked off to visit the statue to pay her respects to Jaune who saved a City with Humans along with Faunus with her respect of him only growing. Glynda also went to pay respects as well seeing the boy truly had a good heart.


Jaune laying on the ground at the end of his rope out of ammo, blades blunt bones broken and out of ideas with an alpha Beowulf looming over him prepared to deliver the final strike.

Suddenly stopped as Jaune heard a weird noise whistling through the air
and he saw a burning hole in the Grimm's head. He saw a man clad in weird armor walk towards him.

"Hey kid you alright? You showed true spirit and honor out there." The armored man said

"Yeah I'm fine who ... Are you?" Jaune grunted out

"A simple man making his way through the universe,The names Jango, you wanna come with me on an adventure." The man now known as Jango Fett asked

Jaune was exhausted but answered
"What do I have to lose?... Yes I'll go."

"That's the spirit!" He said as he picked the boy up

"Do you have a name kid?" Jango asked

"My name is Jaune"he said

"Nice name well I'll call you Jaune Fett then" Jango chuckled

Jaune simply passed out due to his injuries

Unknowingly of the part he will play in the universe at large.

Author note
This is my first time making a fanfiction si to make the story unique I will be altering a lot of things and events so I hope you all enjoy!
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