The Bad

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Jin crept through the streets of Seoul unnoticed. It had been a while since he was or felt this free.

He dug his fist deeper into his pockets as he walked, allowing the breeze to grave his beautiful skin.

Jungkook hasn't called in so he figured this would give him enough time to just relax.

He gazed up at the stars and smiled sadly,

"Is this living?" He asks himself, "Killing for the sake me and brothers health... is that living?"

The stars mocked him. Being so free and lively up in that abyss of blues. He smiled to himself as he thought of his childhood.

You were the biggest part of it. He went from lying on his deathbed to feeling more alive than he ever thought he could. He knew that truthfully it was his mothers amulets that helped them... but in his eyes... in his heart... it was you.

Your smile and long dark hair. The same dark hair that danced in the wind when you'd play outside.

Or that smile that would shine brightly when he made jokes. Your laugh was something he hadn't realized he missed until that day.

The day you helped him and Yoongi pick out a vehicle.

Had you known it was him? Did you miss him and the others? These were things he thought but knew the answer to.

How could you miss the very people who destroyed you and your youth?

But why does he feel as though he owes the apology? You were going to kill his mother and in return kill them.

Jin stops walking and pauses.

"She was 12." He gasps, "Have we allowed our mother to dumb us down so well? She was 12 fucking years old!"

He broke out into a run and pulled out his phone simultaneously while he hit a corner and kept running


"Yoongi, where are you?"

"By that cafe that Ma used to bring us."

Jin inwardly cursed before spinning on his heels and running the other way.

"Did you find her?!" Yoongi now says as Jin can hear him running as well

"I'll be coming from the left. Phones are not safe." Jin shouts as he throws his phone somewhere and continues running.


Namjoon and Hoseok ransack the house. There was nothing to find.

"Is Jungkook really this dumb?" Hoseok freely asks

"Careful your tongue, Hobi. Jungkook has ears everywhere

"Have you forgotten that we share the title of leader for a reason? He is no more powerful than I—"

"He's in his other mode right now. I wouldn't be so sure that he's the weaker link." Namjoon responds as he flips the couch

"I don't understand why that face scares you—"

"It doesn't scare me."

"Stop cutting me off!"

"Stop spewing nonsense! He's the youngest of us all and that other personality of his will get the Kook we love, killed. It's not that I'm scared, I'm cautious."

"Cautious?" Hoseok scoffs, "You think he'd hurt his own brothers?"

"I know he would. He'd hurt us and then disappear so that our Kook could feel all the pain... then when he healed he'd come back and try his hardest to get rid of his lesser side."

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