"That Reiko girl.Is really scared of herself.What if I made her fight her self"-Girl



Reiko's POV


"Hah~ *sigh*"-Me

"What's the matter?"-Yukiteru

"None of your business"-Me

"I'm just worried"-Yukiteru



Then suddenly I bowed my head and I said...

"It's a miracle"-Me

"Haha.Very funny"-Yukiteru

"I'm not making you laugh"-Me


Then Ryouko came...


"Oh.Morning to you too"-Me



*This two is getting really close to each other.Hah~What am I thinking?Like if I care*-Me



"Are you okay?"-Ryouko



"Hey.Where's Okumura?"-Yukiteru

"He has a fever"-Ryouko

"Oh.Let's visit tomorrow"-Me


After that the class started...



Then the teacher started a lesson...



"Good Bye!"-Me


"Are you sure you're okay going by yourself?"-Me

"Yes n_n"-Ryouko

"Wait.I will escort her to her house"-Yukiteru

"Are you sure?"-Ryouko


"Let's go then n_n"-Ryouko



After that Ryouko and Yukiteru leave...


"Wait a second~I will go home by myself!"

*I wonder why Yukiteru really like hanging around with Ryouko now?But before he really likes hanging out with me.I feel like I'm really jealous about it.Couldn't be I like Yukiteru?!No way!He's my enemy.That is my only feeling on him it can't be love.Hah~Never mind*-Me


"Huh?Who's there?"-Me

After that I look behind me and I saw my reflection in a mirror...

"Hah~What's happening to me?I though I heard a voice"-Me


"Huh,What the?"-Me

I saw my reflection moving on her own...

"My reflection it's moving"-Me

"Ofcourse.I'm your reflection after all"-Clone

Then My clone go out on the mirror...

"Wha-What do you want?''-Me

"I just want to play with you"-Clone


"Yes.If I kill you I will be the one who will take your place being Reiko"-Clone

"I won't let you!"-Me

Then I use my sword to attack her but she dodge it...

"Not bad"-Clone


Then she use her sword with fire to attack me but I block it with my sword...

"Hehehe.You can't defeat me"-Me

"Yes.I can"-Clone

Then I use my sword with fire to slice my clone....

"Ahh!You got my feet"-Clone

"I know.Becuse I'm good"-Me

After that I attack her body....


"You're too weak"-Me

After that I finish the battle with my special move...

"Fire of Death!"-Me


After that I finish the battle....

"No way.I can't be defeated"-Clone

"Yes.You can.You know winning is not just you kill someone.It's just to care for others too"-Me

After that my clone vanished...

"Hah~I need to go home"-Me

While walking.I saw Ryouko and Yukiteru eating in a cafe...

*What are they doing?Are they dating?*-Me

"Wha-what do I care anyway?But I really feel like really jealous"-Me

"Huh~I think I will go home and take a nap."-Me

After that I go home and take a nap.But it's really bothering me.

End of Chapter 25





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