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Few days later, Cara, Natalie's mom, was still living at her daughter's house in Seattle. Natalie was on edge the whole time. She loved her mom and she felt closer to her after the chat they had but she couldn't keep on living at the same house as her, not anymore. That morning they were eating breakfast. Well Natalie and Amber were eating breakfast. Cara was on full mom duty. Cleaning around, preparing them meals to take at work and school each. "I made you a sandwich to take at work with you." Cara put the wrapped sandwich in front of Natalie. "And some fruits. And also drink your orange juice. You need vitamins. You need to put on some weight."

"Oh for fuck's shake." Natalie cursed under her breath but she was herd.

"Watch your language!" Cara warned her.

"I'm 15 all over again." Natalie talked to herself making Amber let out a chuckle. "What?" she asked her daughter.

"You're just like her. That's funny." Amber teased her.

"No, I am not. Take that back. Or there's no pizza tonight." Natalie threatened her.

"Pizza?" Cara butted in. "No way. My grandchild will not keep on eating garbage. I am here, I am cooking."

"Can you not interfere to what we're going to eat?" Natalie snapped at her. "I promised her pizza tonight because she got an A on her test. You can't just boss us around mom."

"You got an A?" Cara ignored everything else Natalie told her. "I'm so proud of you baby." She gave Amber a kiss on the forehead. And Amber gave her a forced smile.

"How long are you staying grandma?" Amber asked her, not able to deal with her mom's nerves any longer. She had been snapping at her every day because she was mad at her own mother. Amber missed the peach and quiet. Plus she hadn't been alone in the house at all because her grandmother was always there, even when her mother wasn't. And staying home alone was her favourite thing.

"As long as you need me to." Cara replied and Natalie rolled her eyes. 

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That day a rumor was going around the hospital that the chief was retiring and one of the attendings was going to take his place. Natalie had no interest in taking the chief's job. Not yet for sure. Being a surgeon and a single mom was already hard for her. But she had a good kid which made things easier. 

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