Chapter 1

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The alarm gonged in my head like the bells of Big Ben. I awoke from my slumber groggily, cursing at this cruel and unyielding universe that had awakened me from my dreams. I looked at the alarm clock four-eye idly above me, my thoughts beckoning me with the sweet promises of another ten minutes. 

I saw the time on the clock and all thoughts of snoozing went out the window. I had only ten minutes to make it to school. I immediately went into overdrive as I quickly got dressed, grabbed some frozen pop tarts and began to run towards my destination. As the door slammed behind me I swore to myself that there was no way I was going to be late. 

Running towards the school, visions of my teacher looking at me with her evil eye and giving me more detention or homework fueled my speed. I was off to a good start. Despite the nearly overwhelming odds of making it, I was actually making pretty good time. With five minutes to go I was already about halfway there. If I was able to keep this up, I would succeed. Grant you it would be by the skin of my teeth, but I could live with skin of my teeth. 

Things were going well until I was blinded by an intense flash. It came from nowhere. For just a second I thought I saw a tunnel of some kind that seemed to catch your eye and suck you in. It disappeared in a flash and sky returned, making me wonder if I hadnft imagined the whole thing. 

When my vision cleared I looked around for a photographer. I noticed no one was around me. Maybe it was a practical joke from a driver? After a minute of thought and no answer coming to me, I just shrugged my shoulders and glanced at my wristwatch. gCrap!h I thought to myself as I picked up speed. That good time I was making became very bad indeed. I now only had two minutes to make it to school. I gathered what reserves I had and began to run faster then I ever had as I raced against the clock, dreading the evil eye that awaited me at the end. 

Time seemed to slow down as I came closer to the school. Time seemed to slow, each second ticking by ever so slowly as I put one foot forward at a time. Before I knew it, I found myself just outside the door with an amazing thirty seconds left to go. 

I raised my arms in triumph. gYes!h I screamed defiantly to the gods, for I did it. I, Michael McGuire, had won. No evil glares would befall me. I'd stumble and startle my way to my seat, but I'd be in my seat, eagerly waiting to fall asleep in home period. Confident in my victory, I thought that nothing was going to stop me now. 

Famous last words.  

As I attempted to walk through the front door an intense flash once again blinded me. Not only was I blinded, I could also now feel myself being lifted into the air. That vortex now beckoned me, and I realized that I hadn't been imagining anything at all. This was real and I was being sucked into oblivion. Try as I might, I couldn't fight it. As the vortex swallowed me whole, the school bell rang in defiance. My last thought as I disappeared into the abyss was my usual whenever I made it to school. gIfm late!h 

The next thing I know, Ifm traveling at warp speed. I could feel my adrenaline pumping as my heart beat faster. It reminded me of riding the roller coaster at a theme park, but the rush I got was a high greater than anything I had ever experienced before. I didnft want it to end, and my heart began to beat faster as the ride kept accelerating. It was almost ecstasy.  

As quickly as that all came about it was over. I found myself staring at the sky and suddenly no longer at my school.  

Looking around, I had no clue where I was at all. It looked nothing like Calgary. Walls carved from granite and stone surrounded me, tall and high and not a clue of where I was in sight. The air smelled vaguely of the sea. It reminded me of the times I was on the cruise ships in Vancouver. Was I in the ocean somewhere? How did I get here? 

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