Ashton Irwin's Secret Sister

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Autumn and Ashton are siblings. Their parents had split when Ashton was 8 and Autumn was 6, they had split apart as well. Autumn going with their dad and Ashton staying with his mum.

On her 18th birthday, Autumn runs back home to her mother, awaiting her return with open arms. When she finally sees how Ashton is doing, what will happen? Will he accept her and her baggage and take her on tour with him? How will the band react? Most importantly, what will her father do?


- This book includes scenes some may find disturbing/triggering and a lot of explicit vocabulary and actions, sex basically. I advise you to only read this while no one is behind you or when you are alone. Lord knows what will happen if someone caught you reading this.

Girlxgirl is in this, I apologize if you find that strange or disgusting. I will not warn you again. This is your only warning. If you are uncomfortable with girlxgirl then do not read.

I know Ashton's parents split when he was 2, but this is needed for the plot. I do not know his dad's name, I apologize, so I am making it up. I also do not believe his father would be this cruel, nor do I believe the member(s) would be so rude to Ashton's sibling, it is just for the plot.


Okay, so this is the final book in my Secret Sister series and I would like to dedicate this book to every single person who has read this whole series since the beginning. I've loved writing these stories, though some were cringe worthy and poorly written, they were extremely fun to write.

I love you guys and thanks so much for all your love and support. You are the best.

~Allena aka Queen Reject aka Mrs. Irwin ♡

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