7. Aug, Don't!

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Marissa rested her arm over on a pillow, using her hand to prop her head up.

"You look tired."

"Crying does that." She gave a faint smile as her heavy eyelids wandered over to me.

"Do you want me to get you a blanket?"

"Would you please?"

"I got you." I stood up. She pointed to a closet across the room. "You're going to fall asleep on me." I grabbed a blanket from the closet.

"I'm tired, not sleepy."

"What's the difference?" I tossed it on her head.

"Shut up."

"Mean." I plopped down next to her, peeling my shoes off with each foot.

"What did you do today?" She asked.

"My dude Adrian is in town. I was with him and August, but they left to go do something. How was Ian's graduation?"

"It was nice." She smiled, looking down in her lap.

I furrowed my eyebrows as she pulled the blanket up her lap.

"Uh," I lifted my eyes to hers. "what's up with you and him?"

"Why do you ask?" She almost laughed. What's so funny?

"I want to know."

"He's a friend."

"You seem mighty close."

"He says the same about us."

"I'm glad he knows."

"Yea." She raised her eyebrow as if she found something factious.

"What does he know about me? I hope you haven't told him too much." I did my best for my voice to not come off threatening.

"He knows that you've been helping me."

"What else?"

"He knows you're from Vegas..."


"He knows you're Lila's ex." She twiddle on the couch.

"Is that all?"

"Should he know anything else?"

"He shouldn't know that much." I crossed my arms. She chortled looking away from me. I cleared my throat to refocus her. She looked over to me.

"He wants to meet you."

"I don't see the purpose of that."

"He wants to get to know the guy that's helped me."

"Nah, the less people that know my face, the better." I readjusted on the couch, drawing my eyes out the window.

"Stop being like that." She jabbed me.

"I'm cool. I don't want to see twinkle toes." I laughed at her offense and my joke.

"Be that way." She leaned over on the pillows.

"I will." I shrugged again. A sock rose in my face. "The fuck?" I slapped it away. Marissa was holding her stomach, laughing.

"That's nasty."

"It's just a foot."

"I don't know where it's been."

"And you're sitting on my couch. I don't know where you've been."

"Ask your cousin." I smiled. She narrowed her eyes.

"You've been places since then, you nasty."

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