"A pleasure Kat."

Before long, John was asking Kat some advice regarding a fight he had just had with his girlfriend, Cynthia.   Paul chuckled and told John he and Cynthia were constantly breaking up and getting back together, that this time would be no difference.  Katia finally convinced John to go and talk to Cynthia...to try and apologize and work things out with her.

Paul and Katia walked home together.  Before dropping her off, Paul invited her to see him and the band perform that Saturday night. 

"Sure.  I 'd love to go.   What's the name of your band?"

"John actually started it...we're still in between names but as of now we're The Quarry Men..."

"Well that sounds like fun.  Thanks for the invite.  I'm looking forward to it. "

"Great...I'll pick you up Saturday evening, yeah?"


"Maybe we'll see each other sooner." Paul said as he started walking back home.

"I'd like that."


Paul and Katia had gone to the movies that Thursday and Paul had been able to meet her mother that day.  She had enjoyed the time she spent with Paul and felt more excitement as Saturday approached.  The plan was for Paul to pick Katia up and meet her dad, then they'd stop by and pick up John before heading to the Casbah. 

Paul and Katia's dad got alone splendidly.  While she finished getting ready, Paul and her dad were able to get to know each other a bit.  Katia was happy to see that her dad liked Paul.  She could tell he approved of Paul as a friend and that was important to her.

"Your dad is something else.  He's really nice." Paul commented as they walked to the bus stop to go to John's house.

"He seemed to like you too."  Katia responded.

"Your mum seems nice too."

"She makes my dad happy, but she's not really my mom you know."


"No. My mom died when I was young.  It was a bit hard for me when he remarried, but dad always thought I needed to have a mother figure.  We've had our moments, but we get along quite well now."

"Yeah...my mum died when I was young too. Dad hasn't remarried though. Maybe it is harder for a man to raise a girl than it is for him to raise two sons." Paul shrugged.

"Maybe...but I would have been fine had it been just dad and me..."

Paul and Katia arrived at John's house.  Katia was impressed at how much bigger his house was in comparison to her or Paul's.  It was a white two-story house with lots of window.  As we approached the front door, Paul told Katia to not take anything that John's aunt could tell her too personally.  Before she could question it, the front door opened.

"Hi Mimi..."Paul greeted the older woman.

"Paul." She said a bit cold.

"Um, Mimi, this is Katia.  She just moved to Liverpool a few days ago. John and I thought it would be nice to show her around town and maybe take her to the Casbah to hear us play."

"Nice to meet you, young lady." Mimi said casually. "Well you know what I think about that guitar business, but do what you want. John is still upstairs, maybe you should go and get him, Paul." Mimi said as she motioned for us to go in.

Katia spent a few minutes getting questioned by Mimi, but she didn't feel like Mimi had said anything even slightly offensive.  From what she could tell, however, she didn't take too kindly to Paul.  Not only had she been cold towards him when they arrived, but she had hardly spoken two words to him before they left.

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