*chapter will be bouncing around between different days*


"Ready?" Ed Sheeran says as Niall and him enter the club.

"So ready!" Niall replies and sticks close to Ed. It's been too long.

The past few days of promo have went great and it was nice to see Katy perform her single that he wrote. But he finally has some quiet time before leaving for London tomorrow night.

"Just don't do anything stupid," Ed yells as they get deeper into the club.

Flashing lights are everywhere and it's packed! They're literally rubbing against other people to get to their VIP table.

"I hope we can enjoy the night." Niall says.

"I'm sure we will." Ed taps a big guard's shoulder. "Sheeran, party of 5."

"Your table is number #3 sir." The bald man replies, gesturing towards the big table that already have bottles.

"5 people? Who else did you invite?" Niall asks as they grab a cocktail from a waitress.

As if on cue, niall hears a distinct laugh behind him.

"Ellie!" Ed says, putting down his glass and walking around to embrace Ellie Goulding.

"Eddie!" She squeals and hugs him back. "Too long!!"

"I know!" He replies and pulls away. He looks at Niall who is squinting at him. "You know Niall."

"Very well," she grins and offers her hand. "Hey stranger. Long time too!"

Niall narrows his eyes at her and sips his drink. "Hi."

She raises an eyebrow and smiles. "How have you been?"

"Good, good. Happy," he says cooly.

Ellie is the last person he wants to see. He and Ellie had a past of being each other's one night stand for a while. It lasted for a good three years until one day, she wanted something more.

"I see," she turns her attention to Ed. "The rest are coming too!"


Niall decides to take a seat in the booth and ignores Ellie's conversation with Ed. He sips his drink. How could Ed do this? He knows very well what happened and why niall can't stand Ellie.

He pulls out his phone and decides to text Ella.
"Babe, I'm bored at a club with Ed. I wish you were here :("

He watches as Ed hugs more people that niall doesn't recognize or care about.


"Hey there :) it's okay sweetie. I wish I was there too. I love dancing." She replies.

"What are you doing?" He smiles when The three bubbles pop up, meaning she's typing.

"Relaxing in my bedroom. Alone. I really wish you were here. You know, I've never had a boy in my childhood room," reads the message.

He chuckles and quickly responds, "oh? Is that right?"

"Yes, yes it is. You could've been the first." She puts a laughing emoji and wink. "I hope you have fun. But not too much fun!"

"Whatever! And yeah I know, hm...Ed has some strange friends." He looks up to see 4 more group of people surrounding Ed. He looks absolutely delighted though by the way he laughs. "But he's happy."

"Happy? As in drunk happy?" She puts a beer emoji. "Or like happy?" Following a cigarette emoji and leaf.

"No! He's genuinely happy." He types but is interrupted by a voice.

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