Chapter 16:

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»»————-  ————-««

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. She's not going to eat you. It's going to be fine. She'll love you.

You're great. You're doing great. Awesome.

Sike bitch, you're going to die.

I shake my fingers and shudder as I pace the living room, my nerves the worst they could possibly be.

Kesam was going to arrive in a few minutes to pick me up and take me to a job interview. To be specific, she's taking me to her mom's restaurant.

I'm meeting the parent of my only friend and so I was sick with worry and thinking over whether she'd like me or not. It was one thing to care about the approval of others but it was another when it came to my friend's parents.

I was staring at my screen every few minutes when I took a break from pacing the room, checking to see whether Kesam had texted.

It was like the hundredth time I was looking down at my phone when the doorbell finally rang. I opened the door and there stood Kesam, grinning.

"Do I look bad?" I quickly ask, stepping out of the house and closing the door behind me.

I had chosen to wear a grey loose fitting open style top paired with a black mock turtleneck shirt underneath it and black baggy pants. There was nothing special about my outfit but I still hoped it looked good enough for a first impression.

"No, you look nice. Come on though, we have to hurry. Mom hates it when people are late."

I fasten my pace and quickly settle in her car, messing with my fingers nervously. There was a K-Pop song playing that Kesam was jamming out to while I was just looking out the window silently.

We get to this pretty little place soon and stepping down, I recognize the area. It was the plaza. Looking around, I could see Rocket's Corner from here along with a bunch of other shops I'd grown used to. Before I can point it out though, Kesam grabs my hand and pulls me through the small doors.

Instantly, the smell of hot, fresh food hits my nose. I inhale, smiling slowly at the wonderful smells. The restaurant was really cute and it wasn't particularly very busy but there were a few couples and family sitting at the wooden tables.

We walk past where all the tables and people are through to this hallway, Kesam leading me all the way until we stopped by a long counter like island.

Behind the island were two huge doors that I assumed was the kitchen doors. Kesam sits down on a stool and I join her, my nerves running wild.

"Mæ̀!" She suddenly screams, startling me. "She's here!"

I assumed she was talking to one of her parents and my assumptions prove to be correct when a short, long haired woman walks out. She looked a lot like Kesam, from the facial features down to the hair. Kesam was pretty tall though, so I would have to guess she got that from her Dad.

I scramble to my feet to bow my head, remembering what I'd searched up on Kesam's culture.

I put my two palms together with my fingertips touching my nose to do the wai, bending my knees a little when I did so. It was a way of showing respect and I'd researched on it all of last night so I got this correct. I didn't wanna make a bad impression.

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