Chapter 15

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✷ chapter 15 ✷

✷ Chris

"Good morning my beautiful girlfriend." I exclaimed gently kissing Natalie's head.

She smiled. "Good morning my handsome boyfriend." She giggled.

After Natalie expressed her love for me I finally moved back into the house with her again.

"What do you plan on doing today because I wanna take you out to dinner." I said getting out of the bed.

"I actually wanna go and see my mom I really miss her. I hope she's not still pissed about what happened a month ago." She explained to me.

I nodded my head. "Good luck." I sighed.

She nodded her head and hopped out of the bed.

"Well what are you doing today?" She asked me.

"I'm actually gonna head to the studio to work on my album with Tyga for our new album Fan Of A Fan 2." I replied back.

"Okay." She said.

We both started our day by taking showers , eating breakfast , & heading off to our separate places.

I dapped Tyga up once I met him at the studio.

"Wassup Ty." I greeted Tyga.

He groaned. "This baby mama drama has been kicking my ass." He said.

"Damn it's that bad." I said to him while setting up the machine.

"Yeah Chyna's been irritating the fuck out of me." He mumbled while shaking his head.

"Good thing I brought this.." I answered back holding a bag of weed in my hand.

His face instantly lighted up.

"Exactly what I need right now." He said snatching the bag out of my hand.

I chuckled.


✷ Natalie

"Amanda, where's mom?" I questioned her once she let me into the house.

"I don't get a hey or anything?" She asked while rolling her eyes.

"Hi Amanda." I said sarcastically with a fake smile.

She rolled her eyes yet again.

"Okay , okay she's upstairs laying in bed." Amanda told me walking away.

I nodded my head and made my way towards her room.

Once I made it to her room I slowly opened her door to see her sick in bed.

"Mom..." I called making her open her eyes to see me.

"Baby... Come here." She said softly.

Once I walked closer to her I could see that she was really sick. Her usually bright face was now a dull gray , her hair looks like it's shedding a lot , and she looks like she's in pain.

"Mom what's wrong? Are you okay?" I questioned her.

She grabbed my hand and rubbed it to calm me.

"Baby I'm just fine. I just have a very bad cold and it'll go away soon." She said but I could tell that she was lying.

"Are you sure?" I asked her with my eyebrow raised.

"I'm sure it's just a cold. Don't worry about me." She answered back sternly.

I nodded my head. "Okay."

"Where are you staying?" She asked me with concern in her voice.

If I told my mom that I am staying with Chris she would freak and I don't want her worrying about me.

"I'm staying with one of my friends." I lied.

She smiled. "Good I hope you're doing well. How have you been doing anyways?" She wondered.

"I've been doing great mom." I answered back.

"I'm sorry about missing your birthday last week but I was really sick and I couldn't make it." She apologized.

"It's okay, you were sick so I wouldn't expect you to come but why didn't you call?" I asked.

She look like she had to think about that for a second.

"Uh I was sleep the whole time so I couldn't call you." She replied back.

I nodded my head. "Get some more rest mom, I'll see you later." I said kissing her on the forehead gently.

She smiled and kissed my cheek. "Be safe , bye and I love you." She whispered in my ear.

"I love you too mom." I said before leaving out of her room.

I hope my mom's okay.

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