EDIT: This A/N is outdated so please do not go by the information below.

Hey everybody! I just wanted to inform you about some things I've been thinking about. First of all, I've decided that my Sherlock fanfic, Fate Doesn't Follow Rules, will be updated every Saturday. I have a storyline already planned out so please do not comment asking if you can add a character or suggest an idea. I already have everything figured out.

Secondly, my Sherlock One Shots will be updated every Wednesday. But sadly, this week and next week, I cannot post any one shots. I have too much homework to worry about this week and next Wednesday, I will be moving to my new house. So, I will be very busy these next few weeks. But, I do need ideas for some new one shots to write when I get the chance. If you have an idea, just post it in the comments.

That's about it but I would like to thank everybody who has been reading, voting, and commenting on my stories. It really means a lot and I thank you greatly for it.

Love y'all! 😘

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