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It was a little bit after 10 when Natalie woke up that Saturday morning. She was working the night shift the previous night and she had gotten back home at 6 am. Thankfully she was off that day and she could enjoy some peaceful time with her daughter. But a surprise was waiting for her just downstairs. 

Natalie put a jacket on as she walked down the stairs, feeling the chilly air of Seattle in her house. She looked around seeing that all the windows were open. Amber never opened the windows in the morning. And then she heard chatting coming from the kitchen. "Honey, who are you talking to?" Natalie asked and as she entered the kitchen she saw her mother sitting there with Amber having breakfast. "Mom?" Natalie exclaimed. 

"Well, you finally woke up."

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Natalie rubbed her forehead as her mother, Cara O'Connor kept on going on and on about how one of her daughters was getting a divorce while the other was travelling the world. Cara O'Connor came from an Irish family. Proud of her roots, she never changed her last name to Turner. She loved her family and her home and a part of her was upset that her daughters never got to know the town she grew up to. At least one of them had the accent. Natalie loved going to Ireland. She had spent too many summers there. She enjoyed being with her relatives. But being with her mother, not so much. She loved her mother and she had been helping her a lot, but a part of her was glad that she moved away from her when she left San Francisco. 

Cara was not an easy person. She was the type of person that always wanted to be right. She was a typical mother. A little overprotective, a little judgemental of everything that you did , always tries to feed you. 

"I just wanted to have an easy morning with my daughter, that's all I wanted, but no I have to sit here and hear you tell me how terrible sorry Isaac is." Natalie told her mother. Amber decided that it would be better to not be anywhere around them at that moment. She loved her grandmother but she also knew that there was no one else that could angry Natalie like her. And she just locked herself at her room once again. Her new house had been a battlefield the last few weeks. And every time things seemed calm, the rain just came right back. 

"Honey, I know this is hard but you can't just tear your family apart, Amber has to be with her father. She needs a real family."

"What do you know?" Natalie argued. "You and dad had been happily married until his last breath. He was not like Isaac. How can you tell me that I am tearing my family apart, after what he did? You're supposed to be my mother!"

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