Meeting the black hammer

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As War and Watcher kept moving forward  they walked up to a giant sealed door, in wich they heard nothing but the air coming out of the sides.

War: This place is.....wierd?

Watcher: I dont know about you but i want to leave this place!

War: We cant back down now. We have comed to far to turn now!

Watcher: Fine but if we die its your fault!

War: You said the same when we met Samael!

Watcher: Good point......

As War went to open the sealed door. He felt a presence on the other side. Stronger than that of when he felt the presence of the demon general he fought against before.

War: Something isnt right here....

Watcher: What is it?

War: Theres a presence on the other side of this door....

Watcher: What kind of presence???

War: Im not sure. But it feels like.... theres something important here...

Watcher: I wonder if thats why there are so many gates around here?

War and Watcher looked at each other wondering if they should open the gate or just leave it closed...

War: Think we should open it???

Watcher: I dont know....but curiosity did kill the cat.

War: I'm no cat thoe.

Then they heard something and turned around. Only to see an angel holding a giant cannon. He then waved at his comrades to come to his ade.

Angel guardian: Over here! I found him! I found War!!!

Watcher: War!!! Open that damn door!!!

War quickly reacted he then opened the gate with his arms as strong as he could.

Watcher: War!!!!


Watcher: Oh shit!!!!

Watcher then hide under a car. As War was enraged by the thought that the angels were close. Plus the pressure Watcher was giving him. He transformed into the giant beast Samael saw in him. The angels quickly attacked War which was there biggest mistake. War reacted with rage and from his hand a sword made out of blood appeared.

Angel Guardian: By the maker get back!!!

When the Guardian said that, his comrades were to slow to judge the attack. War was as fast as lightning. No one expected for a giant beast to move so quickly!

Watcher: OH!!! That one must of heart really bad!

Suddenly the Guardian attacked War with his fists. War didn't even flinched. He quickly grabbed the Guardian by the arm and threw him against the door. The Guardian stood up.

Watcher: I wouldn't do that if I was you.....But since I'm not nice meeting you.

War: *Growl*

Angel Guardian: If truly you are a worthy opponent that proves himself. Fight me like a man and not a beast.

War then spoke in a deep voice

War: And what makes you think you can defeat me?

Angel Guardian: Lets find out then.

War: Very well. I challange you to Next Sacrementum. If you win ill go and face judgment...

Angel Guardian: And if you win???

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