WEBYS - Chapter Two

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Hi guys! As I've now finished My Happily Never After I started to think that this cahpter is well overdue :) I'm also now working on the next upload for Let the Games Begin (which should be up this week)

Let the Games Begin will now be my main focus in writting and I wanted to get this chapter written and updated before I got too stuck into it :) x


::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter Two:

“You’re back?” As soon as the words left Autumn’s lips she wanted to snatch them back again. All eyes landed on her, making her insides itch at being the centre of attention. But she’d learnt to ignore that uncomfortable itch a long time ago, and kept her face impassive.

But what she couldn’t seem to do was tear her eyes away from Wesley.

Worse he kept looking at her too.

“Hi Autumn.” He croaked awkwardly.

Bernice looked at her co-worker in surprise, her eyebrows rising into her fringe, as she glanced between the pair that stared at each other. “Hi Autumn?” She echoed. “Do you two know each other?” She asked Wesley.

When Wesley didn’t say anything Autumn decided she might as well answer in his place.

“A long time ago.” She said in a voice full of cool indifference that she didn’t feel. She almost wanted to give herself a proud slap on the back, but she unhelpfully ruined her own unmoved exterior with a bitter question she couldn’t help falling out of her lips next.

“Tell me, how is Corry?” She asked him.

Wesley visibly flinched back at her question, breaking the eye contact they’d been maintaining by glancing at the floor, his jaw tightening.

“He’s good.” He answered roughly.

Jealousy stormed through her veins. Well how great for him.

“That’s nice.” She said through gritted teeth.

A cold slimy feeling sat in her gut, and she knew exactly what that feeling was.


And she hated it.

She was so beyond that feeling. Or least she had thought she was before she had been faced with Wesley Young. Suddenly memories from three years ago invaded her from every corner of her mind, where she’d pushed them all away with a great deal of effort some time ago.

Everyone else in the room seemed to have picked up on the awkward atmosphere that resided between the pair, and the air filled with an uncomfortable silence.

Autumn’s hands tightened into fists sending a small bolt of pain running up her arm as she lowered her head, only just catching the questioning look that Luke shot at the same time from the corner of her eye.

Her stomach squirmed, and she inwardly reprimanded herself.

Over him.

She. Was. Over. Him.

It had taken several excruciating months to accomplish the task of putting him behind her, and she wasn’t going to allow all of that work come completely undone in just minutes.

Not a chance in hell.

Slamming up all emotional barriers she subtly sucked in a deep calming breath.

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