I love you (One Shot)

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Hey there! I had this small one shot stuck in my mind for a while now. Hope you enjoy!



Everyday he sat in front of me in my english class and beside me in my government class. At first I didn't know what to think of him. To be honest, I thought he was one of the boys who goofed around to much. I didn't want to be near him. He was strange and at times looked like he couldn't care about the world. He was a typical high school boy.

I never really experience love before. I was confused when I began to feel strange around him. I felt nervous every time. I couldn't out of my mind. When our eyes first meet, I quickly looked away. When we paired up, I ended up sitting straight across from him. I found small excuses to look at him throughout the year.

His smile was small but bright. His laugh was full of joy. When he spoke to me, his voice was kind. I wanted him to notice me. He never did. He hanged around girls who were better looking then me. I was just a quiet girl who kept everything to herself. I was also plain. My dark brown hair and brown eyes weren't competition to the other girls. I never really did much to my appearance. I never really had the time. I wasn't into fashion. I dressed in t-shirts and jeans. I was easily forgotten.

I wanted to talk to him but I was afraid. I didn't know him well. What I did know was that he had tattoos and that he was older then me. Everything else was a mystery. I at least wanted to be friends. I wanted to be someone he could laugh with.

He saw me cry once. I got into a fight with a friend that I don't speak with anymore. Losing my friend really hurt. Tears just fell. He saw me and was surprise. He stood there. He seem confused. I just continue to cry. I wanted to turn away. I didn't want him to see me like this. He walked closer to me and asked "Are you ok?" I didn't answer. He took my hand and led me towards the vice principle. "Don't cry. Everything will be alright", he said when he handed me to the vice principle. I stopped crying. We never talked about that day again.

Sometimes I doubted myself. Did I like him? Why? I wanted to be sure my feelings were true. As the days went by, I realized that I really like you. I did my best for you to look at me. I was in the dance team. During performances, I danced with all my heart hoping you were watching. I couldn't talk with words so I used dancing to show you how I felt. Did he acknowledged me? I would never know.

Senior year soon came to an end. After the graduation ceremony, I bumped into him on my way to the locker rooms. My heart was pounding. You smiled and laughed a little. He told me to be careful and congratulations on graduating. I felt my cheeks burning. I nodded and said congrats in a small whisper. I wanted to say more but the words failed me. He turned around and walked away. I wanted to stop him. I wanted to tell him.

I love you. Those three little words never left my lips as he walked away. Why couldn't I say them? Why? Those simple words. I love you. I was so stupid. I love you. I couldn't say them. I hated myself. If I said them, would he finally notice me? I regret not telling him. Those three little words that didn't leave my lips. I love you.


Like I said this was just a one shot. I couldn't get this out of my mind. It was driving me nuts! Hope you like it! Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when I wrote it. Thank you! (=^_^=)

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