Chapter 1

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Here is how I am going to put this, this is a Naruto and Sasuke fanfiction mpreg as well. This mean that Naruto is top and Sasuke is bottom.

If you don't like Naruto and Sasuke being together or you don't like that Naruto is top and Sasuke is bottom then why are you still reading this story, click that button and get out of my story thank you very much.

But as for the people that love Naruto and Sasuke being together and are also OK with Naruto being top and Sasuke being bottom then enjoy



Why do the villagers want me to go away or die.

"I don't have a home".
"I'm alone".
"No one will ever love me".

These were the thought of a six years old Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki is a six years old boy who's dreams is to become a hokage but, that dream died when he turn twelve years old or an other words today. Today was just an average day but it isn't. Normally the village doesn't go as far as to hurt Naruto badly. They bully him till he have a few bruises but today was the last straw.

As he was walking to the Academy a man stop him. Naruto turn around only to meet knife about to be stabbed into him.

"You monster, you should of kill yourself long ago you disgusting piece of shit" the man said with venom in his voice.

While he was trying to hurt the blond, Naruto was panicking saying, "what am I going to do". "What if he tries to kill me". "Calm down kit". Said a deep dark voice. "Shut up Kyuubi your the reason why I'm in this mess" Naruto told Kyuubi. "Then if you had enough of the villagers, then leave. I don't know why your still here being nice to the villagers". " If I leave the leaf village then who will provide me with food so I won't die".

"Don't worry kit, I'll do everything including training you and then when your training is done you can come back to the leaf village and show them the new you".

"I guess that could work but how long will the training take". Naruto ask Kyuubi.

"It will take four to five years" Kyuubi answered.
"How do I get away from this man and how do I get out of the leaf village without Anbu black ops trying to stop me". Naruto ask Kyuubi

"Leave it all to me". Kyuubi answered.

That's when all hell broke down. The man was killed by Kyuubi. Kyuubi ran to the village gate defeating all the anbu he can get and eventually he was out of the villiage. They left a note saying, I'll come back and when I do the village will pay dearly. Love the most hated person. Naruto.

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