Chapter 2

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"You can go in now" the receptionist advises me.

I walk over to the door that says 'Sam Anderson, CEO'. I take a deep breath, here goes nothing. I knock on the door three times.

The two receptionists giggle. "No need to knock, go right in."

Great I'm not even in the room yet and I'm already embarrassing myself. I place my hand on the handle and twist it open. I walk in and close the door but I don't dare walk any further. I stand by the door and there at his desk is Sam Anderson typing away on his computer not even paying me attention.

"Take a seat Miss Jones" he says without looking up.

I look around to see if he is talking to anyone else but only I seem to be in the room. He did say Miss Jones. Okay I guess it's me. I walk slowly to his desk, taking my time for the torture that is about to happen. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to apply for a job here. Once I get to the desk, I sit on the chair. Nothing is in my favour because the creaking noise the chair makes grabs his attention. He looks up to notice me for the first time.

"You're here for the P.A job?" He asks.

"Uhh...yes" I reply.


He grabs a document from behind his desk which clearly has my name written on it. I try not to react.

"It says here that you have a bachelors in business, is that correct?"

I nod. "That's correct."

"And you're sure you want to do this, the P.A job" he asks.

"Yes...umm... It'd be an honour to work in your company."

"Yes I'm sure it would be."

He closes the folder and leans back on his chair. He didn't even look at it for more then two minutes. Maybe my qualifications are not good enough. I mean he is the number one in business in the world. I tap my fingers against my leg. He seems to notice and smiles.

"Nervous Miss Jones" he says while smiling.

" at all."

I clear my throat and look down at my fingers. I stop tapping and gently place them on my lap.

"So what do you currently do for a living Miss Jones?"

"I...umm... I work at a cafe on the weekdays and on the weekends I work as a waitress at a restaurant."

"Interesting. Why two jobs" he asks.

"I need to pay rent" I say quietly. So quiet I'm sure he didn't hear.

"That's impressive."

"Impressive?" I ask.

"Yes Miss Jones, impressive. Would you like me spell it out for you?" He asks.

"No, I'm fine... I think."

His smile grows wider, I try to look away but can't. He is a lot hotter in real life then in the magazines and stuff.

"Can I ask something?" I say.

He leans forward. "Go for it."

"I'm not getting this job, am I? I'm sure there is much more qualified people than me here for this job."

"Who said anything about not getting this job." He says staring into my eyes. "Yes there may be more qualified people here for this job but I'll pick the one who interests me. The success of Anderson's Corporation hasn't been because of who is more qualified. It's been because of who deserves it most."

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