Chapter | 12

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The default language form this chapter on, is now English. Anything italized are a different language.

"Children": You're gonna hear Shen/Ryūji/other teens and adults get referred to as "Children/Child" in this book. This term has nothing to do with age; it just means "sons and daughters of Diplomatic/Royal families" and doesn't necessarily mean little kids. We could've used "Offspring" but that's for another book.


Ryūji hears voices; unfamiliar and foreign words from youthful people. Where has his mind been to? What just happened, he wonders.

"Shhh! Shhhh! The Prince is waking up, y'all should be ashamed!"

Ryūji recognized English voices. But before he opens his eyes, he focused on what got him here.

"RYŪJI!" He saw the death of a special loved one, right in front of him. He also witnessed the destruction of everything around him.

As if a light flashed in front of his eyes, he flinches before opening his vision. The first thing he saw was the big, bright blue eyes of a female redhead. What.

"He's awake! Thank goodness, we don't have to carry him to the house!"

House?! Ryūji was too confused to move, and too emotionally numb to panic. He just stared at the many people around him. They were all in what looked to be a bus with ample seats to accommodate 12 people.

"How are you? Are you still hurt, we did our best to treat your wounds!" The loud redhead announces, getting too close in Ryūji's boundaries.

"He grew up in Japan Sally, he might not know English..." someone says to the cheerful redhead.

Ryūji's sight focuses on a raven haired woman who comes and offers him a glass of water. Ryūji just stared at her cautiously, for she was objectively one of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

She has long and straight black hair, deep blue eyes and beauty marks that decorated her face. She looks like she's from Europe, or North America.

"Ahh I forgot because he doesn't look japanese; ko-no-chi-wa," the redhead with multiple light freckles on her face says to the silent Ryūji. Sally's hair was braided into one fishtail and has butterfly clips in them. She seems to be a very bright girl.

"Do you understand English?" The black haired woman asks with politeness. Still barely moving, but Ryūji nods the tiniest bit.

"My name is Val. Allow me to explain," Val says, sitting in front of him as the other people in the vehicle stares at the Prince. "We rescued you from the rubble of the Shinji Estate. Thank goodness the Vampire Queen didn't take you, or kill you. I'm sorry that we had to take you with us, but the outside world is no longer safe for Royals and Diplomats' children like us."

"What?" Ryūji whispers, and Sally looks a little excited to hear him speak.

"Everyone here..." Val gestures around the vehicle, "Are children of Diplomats that we rescued from the Vampire Queen. You're the second Prince that we saved. The Shifter Prince, am I correct?"

"You saved me...?" Ryūji whispers again, though he feels numb inside, a sound of heartbreak can be heard in his fluent English words. "The third Prince... you couldn't save?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Lí Jei..." His voice cracks, but his eyes are still empty and emotionless while staring down. "He's a Prince, too..."

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