Ch.1) You're the Only One (Luke Brooks Love Story)

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"Uh. Why aren't you doing right today?" I had 10 minutes before I had to drive to Skip's, and my bangs decided to screw up on the day i finally got to see him. It had been about a year or two since I'd last seen him, so today was either going to be insanely awkward or it would be like a family reunion. Anyways, I had just moved from Sydney and today he was going to show me around Melbourne. "Whatever man, fuck this shit." I mumbled and of course, my mum had to be walking by. "Holland, you don't have to be so vulgar." "Whatever.. fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuck." ..I had never been one to listen to my mum.


"So, tell us about her Skip.." Beau had been bothering me about Holland all day. "Well, last time I saw her she was turning 16.. so that was about a year ago. And she has long black hair, a pretty great style.. which she gets from me, and she's my little cousin so don't fuck with her or I'll smash you." "Oh please, she's not much younger than you." Beau smirked.

"Oh and, I'm warning you.. she's crazy.. the fun way though. She doesn't get embarrassed, and she's not afraid to speak her mind. So don't piss her off." I figured I'd better warn the rest of them about Holland considering she's the firecracker of the family. I hadn't told her that I was bringing friends, but she won't mind.. hopefully. Just then my phone buzzed, and it was from her saying she was on the way. Well, today should be fun.

*Honk Honk* All the boys rushed to the front door to try and catch the first glimpse of Holland, well everyone except Luke who was sitting on the couch taking selfies. I pushed through everyone and saw a skinny, but toned, girl with light blue hair walking up to me with a huge smile on her lips. "SKIP! AHH!" I gave her a big hug and just smiled. "Oh my gosh, Holland you're.. you're so grown up! And you dyed your hair." She giggled and started asking me how i was. After about a 10 minute conversation about everything in the universe, I finally invited her in. And what do you know.. Beau was the first one to welcome her. I glared at him and he still had that cheeky smirk on his face.


Skip didn't tell me that he had friends.. and they were cute! We were all just chilling in the kitchen when another guy walked in. "Whoa.." Everyone looked at me. I looked at Jai and said "You're a twin?" He just smiled and nodded his head. "Oh okay, good! At first I thought I was seeing double or some shit." And again, everyone looked at me. "I'm Luke!" the other twin said.. "Oh hi, I'm Holland." "Yeah I know, Skip couldn't stop talking about you." "Awh, well we all know Skip loves to brag about me. I mean, how can you not? I'm fab." "Uh.." "Dude! I'm kidding, I'm not actually that self conscious!"

"Well let's put you to a test.." James said. "Uh.. Okay? What is it?" "You have to tell us which one is which.. Who's Luke and who's Jai?" It took several minutes of concentration, and a few times of redo's but eventually I noticed Luke had a cute little mark on his nose, like a birthmark. And Jai didn't. And Luke was sassier. Finally I got it right. "Hey guys, how about we make a new video and Holland can be in it?" "Uh.. video?" "DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE?" Oh god.. I felt like I had just murdered someone. "No.." All of a sudden Beau started inspecting me.. "Beau.. What the hell are you doing?" "Trying to see if you're even human!" I busted into laughter. "Just tell me who you are.." "Well, we're all in a group called the Janoskians on Youtube and we do crazy stuff and insane dares." "Oh! I've heard of you guys, I've just never really looked you up or watched your videos.. But if you wanna do one today, I'm down!" It seemed legit..

After a long day of walking around Melbourne feeling like i could melt at any point in time, I finally went home and was able to enjoy the nice air conditioning. Just then my mum walked in, "Excuse you, don't you know how to knock?" She glared at me. Eh.. I guess I could be nice for a while, after all she is the only person I've ever really had in my life.. "Sorry.. Well, how was your day?" I asked trying to loosen the tension in the room. "Why are you asking me that? I continued unpacking boxes, you're the one who explored Melbourne.. So how is it?" "Mm, I like it! It fits me.. ya know?" "Well.. how was your day with Daniel?" "Oh it was great! Did you know he's like Internet famous or something? Him and some friends, they make videos and apparently they're really funny.. But you know, he gets it from me.." I said with a wink, mum just chuckled. "But they're called the .. the uhm.. uh.. Janoskians! And today they filmed a video with me, so I'll have to go on Youtube later to find their page and see if it's uploaded yet." "So I'm taking it you made some friends?" "Of course! Three of them are brothers; Beau, Jai, and Luke. And the other one that's a really good friend is James. They're all really nice!" "You didn't make any.. girl.. friends?" I stared at her. "Mum. You know I don't get along with girls.." She sighed like she was disappointed, and told me that she was ordering pizza tonight.


So I decided to try this fanfic thing.. I know compared to all the other stories people read it's kinda short for the first part.. but i just wanna try this.. I know I only have three fans, but how about sharing the love yoo.. and by the love, i mean sharing the story.. SPREAD THE WORDDDDD. I know it's not the best, but I'm working on it.. thanks for the support.. whoever reads this.. love youuuuu<3

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