The Good

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Run. Is all you tell yourself. You struggle to find the exit because every hall looks the same.

You turn down a random hall but you see Officer Sophie. She's on the phone again walking towards where you are.

Not far behind her you see a door with the sign of a staircase above her. The number 9 is also on the sign.

"9th floor." You whisper, "I gotta more before this medicine wears off."

"What do you mean she's gone?" Sophie hissed, causing you to delve deeper behind the wall.

"Well find her! We don't have time to be playing hide and seek. This girl is worth A LOT. Have you called Elise?" Sophie says

"Fine. I don't care who answered. As long as someone's coming to get her." She seethes before she aggressively ends the call

"This fucking child." She says as she takes a hard left and you watch her back walk further down the hall before turning another a corner.

As soon as she disappears you take off down the center hall. You push open the stairwell door and run quickly down the stairs.

Your naked feet carrying you without a thought.

You take one stair, then another, and then another in a complete, comfortable rhythm.

You finally reach the ground floor and push it open. You quickly glance to your left and right and see no sign of trouble so you exit.

You follow the signs, whispering to yourself how you'd kill Elise if you ever got the chance.

But also knowing that you could never kill anyone.

As you turn the corner, your breath hitches.

Taehyung and Jimin stand at the entrance. They're speaking to one of the officers you'd come to know at the precinct.

You slowly step backwards from the corner of the wall before colliding with someone's chest.

Your hearts stops and you try to scream but your a cloth covers your mouth and your world begins to darken.

"I'm sorry, but I can't move you throughout the city while awake." You hear the person whisper before you lose consciousness.


"What floor?" Taehyung asks annoyed

"We—well she was on the 9th—"

"Was????" Jimin asks

"One of our officers went to check on her and when she returned, she was no longer there—"

"How does a girl shot in the leg escape?! How can she move so fast that you can't see her? Where are the security cameras?!" Taehyung yells as he walks towards security.

Jimin quickly follows but stops at the end of the hallway that Taehyung begins to turn opposite of.

Jimin closes his eyes and sniffs slowly at his surroundings.

His senses were weak due to lack of liquid in the amulet. But it was still strong enough to sense that you were there.

Their amulets give them special gifts. Though right now it was weak. They needed to complete the ritual or else they'd all perish.

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