The Boy Next Door Owes Me Oreos.(20)

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The rest of soccer try-outs sucked. Thinking the first day was horrible and hard was a bad thing because it only got harder. By the last day of try-outs, the only girls still shows up were Taunya and I. I stopped chanting inspirational things because I wanted to save my breath.

    Abel was right though, I could tell Chase felt bad for tripping me by the look he always gave me. Not that it changed how I felt about him, he was still a huge egotistical jerk who should feel bad for tripping me.

    A week had passed of this horrible training, and if we had anymore days of this I didn’t think I would be able to handle it but this was the day of the cuts. Everyone stood slumped over, besides the lazy coach who hadn’t done anything but yell orders for the past week and a half. “Men and… ladies.” He acknowledged Taunya and I because we were the only girls that survived. “You did really good this last week, and I’m proud of the list. If you have any problems with the cut, I would appreciate it if you didn’t start asking questions until after and then we can talk about. Not saying I’ll change anything, I’m pleased with this.” I rolled my eyes at the air headed coach. All the guys looked worried, and I felt the butterflies in my stomach and I knew Taunya must feel the same way even if she did hate me she was still human.

    I didn’t even understand why that thin blonde despised me as much as she did. When I wasn’t getting crap from one of the random guys who found me a threat, she was dishing it out like she was actually better at me in soccer. I didn’t break it to her, though I really wanted to, that I run faster than her, I have better stamina and endurance. I can also kick a soccer ball faster at Ryan’s face (who is goalie) than she can but I let her continue to live in her little fantasy world.

    The first name called off the list was of course Chase, no one seemed surprised. I sighed heavily as he strutted his way right next to the coach like he belonged there from the very start. Slowly and with much command, the coach continued running off the names. Of course Ryan, Forrest, Nick, and Ricky were called off followed by lots of names I didn’t know. When worry really started to set in, and I started doubted if my name would be called… “Sylvia Jones.” Relief immediately filled my body as I took a step from the white line to the other 20 some off guys. Then I realized I was the last name, and as I turned my head to see Taunya, I knew her incredulous face right before she burst into tears would be etched into my mind forever. She ran off the field like Hell was chasing after her and I frowned. Even if I was thankful I wouldn’t be stuck on the same team wit her, even if she did hate me, having her; someone of the same gender with me would have made this experience a whole lot easier.

    After everyone who didn’t make the cut vacated the field, Coach handed out our practice schedules and told us to hit the showers. Instead of even wondering what locker room I would need to go into, I called my Mom for a ride. 

    “Aw look, she doesn’t want to hang with the big dogs anymore.” Ryan laughed, as I started walking in the opposite direction.

    “Don’t get your hopes up too high, I’ll be here bright and early Sunday morning.” I vowed, fighting the urge to stick my tongue out at the stupid boys. They only wished I wouldn’t be on this team, but I didn’t just work that hard for nothing… like Taunya.

    “Something sure is up high though.” I made a face at what I thought they were getting to but ignored them as I saw my Moms car pull up. I sprinted into it.

    “Get in?” She asked excitedly and I made a face. “No? What is wrong with this school-”

    “No I did… I’m the only girl.” I explained to her and she mimicked my face. “Yeah, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” I rubbed my dirty hands from the push ups over my face briefly before thinking otherwise.

    “I know what you’re going to do, you are going to go home and shower, then realize you cant let a group of guys get the best of you. You’re an amazing soccer player, and you enjoy it too. I’ll be damned if you don’t follow your dreams, you are a Junior and talent scouts will be looking at you soon. How good is it going to look that you can keep up with fit guys?” She winked at me. “I’ll be at all your games routing you on!” My mom promised and I smiled widely.

    “Have I told you lately that I love you?” I asked her seriously while driving home.

    “Without wanting something in return? No, but it’s nice.” She laughed. “I have an idea, tomorrow we should go shopping. You’re going to need new soccer gear, and dressy clothing for away games… and I just want to go shopping.” I continued smiling. My Mother- always the teenager somehow regardless to our actual age. I loved it, and when I lived in New Hampshire with my friends they all felt the same way.

    “Sounds lovely, I like you have camouflage my own needs with your want to go shopping.” I shoved at her lightly considering she was driving.

    “I don’t know what you are referring to… but we are home.” My Mom pulled into the driveway, for the rest of the afternoon and night I had a smile on my face. It didn’t matter that I was the only girl, I mean it was a big deal- but in a good way. Screw what everyone is going to say about it, my mom made the good point of talent scouts. When they see me roughing it with the big dogs they will know I mean business. Also, for the first time since school started it seemed my Dad was home before ten on a school night. The hospital would be opening in a couple weeks, and my Dad finally settled his office in and all his secretaries. He promised us before the hospital opened that he would give us a grand tour of his offer, because as he put it, it was ‘TEN TIMES’ the size of his old one.

    Everything was going good, and later on I planned on calling Devon or Hailey. I was willing to bet money that both of my bestest friends ever were missing me like crazy just like I was missing them. They would be ecstatic to hear that I made the team, especially after I gave them the entire story.

    Before all that though I wanted to shower, I walked to my room leisurely after telling my Mom not to wake me up before noon.    

    “What about shopping?!” She insisted.

    “The mall doesn’t close till ten, it’s not like it’s going to run out of clothing.” I pointed out rolling my eyes.

    “Oh dear. Shopping? Honey… make sure your Mother doesn’t break my credit cards.” My Dad faked being terrified and I laughed.

    “I’ll try, you know how she gets.” We picked on my Mom because when she had plastic in her hand it was like skies the limit. We went two months without credit cards once because my Dad cancelled them to teach her a lesson. It was a good lesson for her to learn, and she hasn’t been as bad since.

    I showered slowly, basking in the hot water singing along to my iHome. I was screaming along to Punk Goes Pop, loving the fact that I could sleep in as late as I wanted tomorrow and enjoy my bed and not be under stress and forget about the world. After all the dirt and grime that I had collected during soccer practice was long gone and I spelled of nothing but black cherries and vanilla I stepped out and wrapped a plush towel around me. A plus of moving here was the fact I had my own bathroom. It wasn’t connected to my bedroom but it was literally like BAM RIGHT THERE, so I skipped quickly to my room and closed the door before my parents could see my bare bum if they were in the hallway.

    What I wasn't expecting was someone to be climbing through my window.



i lied about it being Chase. x) wanted to see what people would say, and turns out i fooled no one haha

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