Men Are From Mars (7)

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 The smell of blueberry pancakes woke me. My eyes stayed closed as I inhaled the smell. Something tickled my nose when I sniffed the air, and I quickly peeled my face off of the orange carpet before sneezing.

I was on the basement floor, tucked into a sleeping bag and memories from last night quickly flooded my mind. After the almost fight on the boardwalk, Ava called me and told me to come over. Both her and Collin thought that it would be best if I left Liam alone for a little while to cool off. We didn’t want him thinking I was going to be a burden because of Tyler and all…

We had ended up watching scary movies the rest of the day and well into the night. Ava had wanted to work on Collin’s segment of the movie, but we had both told her no. It had been enough for one day.

“Good morning sunshine.” Ava greeted me as she set down a tray of steaming breakfast on the coffee table. I shooed her hand away grumpily as she tried to ruffle my hair.

“Well someone’s in a wonderful mood this morning.” She said with a smirk. “I make you breakfast and this is the thanks I get?”

“What time is it?” I asked ignoring her question. I closed my eyes. We might have been in the basement, but someone had forgotten to pull back the curtain covering the only window. The sunlight streaming in was blinding. 

“Seven thirty. I thought I’d let you guys sleep in.” Ava said before taking a sip of orange juice.

“Oh goodie, an extra half an hour.” I replied before letting my tired body crash back to the ground to sleep some more. We might have been on the shag carpet, but there was cement underneath.

 “Ouch.” I moaned when my head smacked the ground. “What the heck happened to my pillow?”

“Not the killer bunnies!” Someone mumbled. I turned my head to the side to see Collin still asleep, apparently dreaming.

“Hey that’s my pillow!” I said when I realized where mine has disappeared too. I yanked it out from under him, and he jolted awake.

“Eww there’s slobber all over.” I complained at darkened spot of fabric.

“It looks like he was making out with Zack!” Ava laughed spraying orange juice everywhere.

I looked down at the pillow and sure enough the slobber spot was all over Zack Efron’s beautiful face.

“I was not!” Collin complained. “Who has stupid high school musical pillows anyways?”

“It’s not stupid.” I said hugging it to my chest. Hopefully Zack hadn’t heard Collins hateful words.

“Well you wanna know what is stupid?” Collin asked me, “Your face. You have indents all over it from the floor.”

I smacked him upside the head with Zack. “Well maybe if someone wasn’t busy macking on my future husband I wouldn’t have slept with my face in the carpet!”

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