Chapter 133

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Since I'm bored, I decided to make waffles out of brownie mix. I know it's weird but like I said, I'm bored.

I took one of these "waffles" and cut it into four pieces, then went up to the boys' room.

"Here you go, boys," I said, giving them each a piece.

"Dis good, Bweedy," Ford smiled.

I smiled at the wide-eyed children in front of me. I knew I shouldn't have given them brownies, but I regret nothing.

We all went in the bedroom where Blake was just looking at Brielle, who was looking back at him.

"I brought you something and you better eat it," I said, sitting next to him.

"What is this?"

"It's a brownie waffle," I said with my eyebrows raised amusedly, "it's a 'braffle.'"

"Oh God, you must be bored," he laughed.

I laughed back and lied down next to him with the boys sitting on my legs. I pulled my phone out, and Blake's hand automatically went to my boobs, like always. It never fails.

I went on twitter and decided I wanted to talk to my followers since I haven't done that in a while.

@bcsgriffin: q&a in a minute. i want fun/creative questions. use #askzaddy

Within seconds, my mentions were flooded.

@keishaaxo: @bcsgriffin what's it like being a wife & mother now? #askzaddy

@bcsgriffin: @keishaaxo it's fun, but i feel old as shit.


@bag32: @bcsgriffin can you tell Blake to tweet us? #askzaddy

@bcsgriffin: @bag32 he doesn't listen to me but i'll tell him.

"Get on twitter and tweet your fans," I said to Blake, "they miss you."

He smiled to himself and picked up his phone while I continued to answer questions.

@_sharonaaa: @bcsgriffin where do you get your hair? #askzaddy

The nerve.

@bcsgriffin: @_sharonaaa genetics.


@blakegriiffin: @bcsgriffin what is Blake doing right now? #askzaddy

@bcsgriffin: @blakegriiffin chillin' w. his hand on my chest, answering y'all's questions.


@ih8thots: @bcsgriffin have u ever slept with Chris brown? #askzaddy

@bcsgriffin: @ih8thots um bye. chris is like my big brother.


@RichHomieVon: @blakegriffin32 @bcsgriffin why you got your hand on bae's titty? #askblake #askzaddy

No he didn't.

@bcsgriffin: @RichHomieVon @blakegriffin32 LMFAO. von, chill breh. 😩


@britnyxbritny: @bcsgriffin who is zaddy? you or Blake? #askzaddy

@bcsgriffin: @britnyxbritny me, of course. he thinks he is, but i really am.


@blianaftw: @bcsgriffin can you post a picture of you & Blake? #askzaddy

"Babe, take a picture with me."

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