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The next morning Natalie has woken up earlier than usual to go for a jog. Her head was ready to explode and she needed the fresh morning air. She wanted the pictures of her husband with other women out of her head. She wanted to stop hearing everything that he has told her. She just wanted to stop. So she ran. And she concentrated on that.

Mark Sloan had the very same idea as Natalie that morning. And with Seattle having some great running routes, he couldn't help himself. He needed to clear his head as well, with the way things had turned out with him and Derek and him and Addison. It was much too messed up and he didn't know how to fix anything. Plus it was one of the rare days that it wasn't raining in Seattle. So he took advantage of it.

And then he saw the familiar silhouette of the cardio surgeon. And all his worries were gone. He just wanted to talk to her, flirt with her and make her angry at him. He loved when she was telling him off a little too much. "Dr. Turner." He called out. "Good morning." Mark jogged up to her.

Natalie slowed down and turned to see the plastic surgeon smiling at her. More like his usual smirk that made Natalie want to wipe it off his face. She took a deep breath preparing herself for his flirty comments. "Good morning Dr. Sloan."

"You know, you can call me Mark. We don't have to keep things that professional." He was already by her side and they continued jogging together.

"I'd rather keep things that professional." Natalie pointed out and kept her eyes way ahead, not feeling like talking to him any longer. Not when she had to make a decision whether it was a good idea to let Isaac back in her life.

But Mark kept the conversation going. "As you wish Dr. Turner. Do you jog here a lot?" 

"Only when I need to clear my head." Natalie replied shortly.

"Is anything bothering you?" Mark asked, noticing the troubled look on her face. He tried to find out who that was that man that had come at the hospital the other day. But it's not like anyone would tell him.

"A lot of things."

"Does this have to do with the visit of that man the other day? Who was he anyway?" Natalie stopped jogging and turned to look at Mark who was worried that he had ruined one more of his chances to talk to her. "Am I crossing a line?" Mark stood in front of her out of breath as he was mostly doing all the talking as they were running.

"You're obviously a terrible gossip." Natalie commented. "He was supposed to be my ex husband. And now I have to make a choice." She found herself confiding in him her troubles, the reason, she didn't know it. Some people just made it easy to talk to them.

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