First Part

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It's ironic how we can easily said to ourselves, ‘we will get through with all of these’ and yet we can't even move forward. We always say to ourselves ‘if he/she will going to leave me then let them be’ but when that time comes we cry out our hearts like it's the last time. We always say that we are always ready in whatever will happen and yet we still bleed at the end. We always say, ‘I am okay without them, or worst I don't even need them’, and yet we silently seek for companion or for their attention. We often say that we are no longer affected by a certain person or memories and yet in our hearts it still stings. Maybe because we are nothing but indenial kings and queens, we keep on saying it's nothing when in fact it still means everything. It's never been easy to forget someone or something that once made us reach the highest peak of happiness and then suddenly turns out into agony. It's never been easy to accept things that we used to do, to ignore emotions that we used to feel. It's not easy to leave our homes and be a refugees again in nothingness— it's not easy to become homeless. And when we talk about that ‘home’ it's not a place but a person. And how ironic it is to ignore our feelings and said ‘I am not longer into her/him’ when in fact we are still praying, wishing and hoping.

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