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The gold digger summery

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AN: This is just a summery of a longer story. I do not know the Chapmans nor do I mean harm to them should they read this. This summery does say something about playing on the wrong side of the tracks. Yes it does mean drugs and drinking. If this upsets you please do not read it. Thank you. END AN.

Dedicated to my friend Sarah as well.

The gold digger

(A Leland Chapman one shot.)

AN: I do not know the Chapmans or anyone related to them. I mean no harm. END AN

Jenny Hollingshead was your normal middle class girl. She went to school, had crushes and even dated here and there. Then she saw the show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and fell in love with Leland Chapman. Just like so many other fangirls she had dreams of meeting him and marrying him. Then she saw her chance to do just that. She moved to Hawaii and started playing on the wrong side of the tracks. Next thing she knew she was in the back of a cop car heading to jail. Once there she called the Chapmans and the jumped bail on them. All to meet Leland Chapman who has fallen madly in love with her. One problem though. Beth sees right though her. Who will win? Beth who is trying to save Leland from more heart break? Or Jenny, the gold digger.

Welcome to the world of love, lies and bounty hunting.

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