"I don't want to talk to you," Minho said abruptly, easing his foot off the coffee table and standing up. His face scrunched up in pain as he did so, and Taemin wanted to run over and give his boyfriend aid, but the way that Minho was so determined to be angry at him prevented Taemin from moving. 

Taemin nodded - he understood. To be honest, Taemin was mad at himself, as well. He watched as Minho limped out of the living room with his crutches, desperately trying not to say something stupid. He held his tongue until Minho was in the kitchen, out of earshot. "You're so stupid, Taemin," he told himelf before grabbing his suitcase to unpack in his room. Jonghyun darted past him, giving him an odd look, then disappearing into his room, too.

"Hey." Minho said to Onew. He felt so drained. "Onew..." He took a seat at the kitchen table where Onew was sat, chopping up vegetables. Minho rested his head on his friend's shoulder. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" 

Onew coughed and shifted his weight away from Minho. "Yahh! I don't think that'd be appropriate, Minho!" Onew said, stammering.

Minho laughed softly. "Oh, Onew. I mean just to sleep. No sex, I promise." Onew relaxed and laughed at himself.

"Oh, yeah..." Onew murmured, nodding. "Do you want me to set the bedroom up now?" Minho shook his head. "Hey, everyone's coming to me for help today..." he laughed, but seeing Minho's discomfort, he changed the subject: "Do you know what's up with Taemin? He's acting weird."

"I... what?" Minho asked. To be completely honest, Minho wasn't sure himself. He'd just blown his chance to talk with him and find out what was going on through his head. Minho didn't even feel up to talking to him at the moment. Would Jonghyun know? No, Minho would never be able to look at Jonghyun in the same way again. Things were going to get weird, that was for sure. 

"Onew, I don't know," Minho said, his voice breaking. Minho wouldn't cry, he promised himself that. Minho never cried.

"Excuse me," Minho stood up, his crutches supporting him. "I'll... I need to be alone." Onew nodded, not thinking to ask. He turned his attention back to preparing the lunch.

Hoping that Taemin wasn't in their room, Minho went to get his things. Thankfully, he was able to avoid Taemin as he wasn't in the room. He sat at the end of Taemin's bed - they had separated the beds before they left for Japan, in case someone decided to enter their room and found a double bed instead of two singles. 

Minho put his head in his hands as he tried not to think of Taemin. "Maknae, you're so stupid sometimes." Why couldn't he have a normal relationship with Taemin? Why was everything done for their fans? Why was everything so fake? 

Minho sat alone with his thoughts until he heard Taemin's voice. Not wanting Taemin to find him, Minho grabbed up his pajamas and a blanket and left for Onew's room. 

Unfortunately, Onew's room was tiny, and only contained one bed. So Minho settled for the floor. He grabbed a spare towel from the closet outside Onew's bedroom and walked past the living room to the bathroom. He accidentally made eye contact with Taemin who was reading a magazine on the sofa. 

"You're going for a shower?" Taemin asked, spotting the towel. Taemin glanced around him, making sure no one could hear them, then stood up. "Can I join you?" Taemin blushed, putting the magazine on the table and walking over to Minho.

"I... Er, no. Sorry." Minho saw Taemin's small smile disappear and return as a disappointed frown. Well, what had he expected? "Taemin..." But Taemin had already spun on his heel and returned to his magazine. Minho sighed, but he couldn't have said yes. 

So Minho had his shower while Taemin sulked in the living room, too distracted by Minho to read his magazine. 


A/N: oh lol this is really short and lame -v 

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