Poetically Curious Q's-A Zombies Feast!-Answer.Respond.Read.

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Title: Poetically Curious Q's! 

Part/Ch.17-A Zombies Feast 

Inspirations: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies/The Zombie movies/stories. 

Music: Are overly inspiration *hopefully*

Comments: Are a needed wish..

A Little history: I have been reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Now that I have written a Cannibal poem. I feel like its time to write a Zombie poem.. So here goes.. 

What words would you use to Describe Zombie/Zombies..? And Hunger..? 

Author's Word: So hey I hope everyone get's creative with this and helps out. Once again you'll be mentioned in the honorable mentions and thus there will be a winner.. The music is Creature Feature-a gorey demise.  MAKE US BOTH PROUD! Goodbye now dear reader/readers. 

*Updated* This is now posted so do not answer this if you want to read the finished result the poem is called Repulsion! Thank you and bye!