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Hi, this is my first story. So I hope you enjoy it! <3



 Streams of forgotten colours flash in front of my eyes.

It all dissappears. Coldness takes over my body.

Suddenly im standing on a board of somekind, i look around and i see blue waves and a dark stormy sky.

I see a figure. Enchanting brown gold eyes are digging into my skin like daggers of fire.

I wake up. Confusion. Realisation hits me, it was just a dream.

 The familiar light purple walls and sweet scent of freshly washed covers and the soft sound of waves reminds me I'm in my bedroom, . I know that i won't be able to get to sleep again so i get out of my warm bed, put on my dinosaur slippers and walk to the bathroom. I press play on my CD player in the bathroom and Taylor Swifts voice fills the room. I close the bathroom door and take a relaxing warm bath trying to escape from the brown gold eyes in my mind.

" Good morning Summer" my mother sings over Taylor Swift singing 'Haunted'. She opens the bathroom door without asking, turns off my CD player and says "Get out of the bath now or else your going to look like a prune, my small splash of sunshine." I cant help but roll my eyes beacause she always calls me that when she has a date.

" Good morning mum. So who is the guy?"

"Who said anything bout a guy?" i cant help but roll my eyes again, i get out of the bath tub, wrab the towel around myself.

"I'm going to make breakfast." she says with a smile that makes her crows feet deeper and closes the bathroom door.

I look at my self in the mirror. I have eyes the colour of golden honey today. Which must mean im going to be in control of myself today. Yesterday my eyes were green of jealousy so golden honey is a good transition. But i put on my ordinary brown contacts on to cover my true eye colour from people. I brush my black wavy hair and walk back to my bedroom, streams of light are moving around my room so i open the blinds and window and sunshine fills my room with the scent of the ocean.

"Just another day" I sing to myself.


The next chapter will be longer. Hope you enjoyed it even just a bit because its so short.

Please wait for the next chapter! <3

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