Ch. 62

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Dear diary,

Guess where we are today? We're in Australia! I'm so happy to be here! We're visiting Luke's family and the other boys' families. I can't wait for Luke's parents to finally see the baby in person. All they've seen of Layla is pictures because they could never make it out to California. But now they finally will get to see their granddaughter!

"Hey babe, help me with the bags?" I ask Luke.

"Sure," he grabs the bags from me.

"I didn't say take all of them, did I?" I look up at him.

"Yeah but I figured I would," he answers me.

"Fine." I walk inside the house and Luke follows behind me. I was now holding a sleeping Layla.

"Hello darling." Liz comes over and hugs me carefully, not waking Layla.

I give Layla to Luke. Then I hug Luke's dad and then his brothers.

"Let's the beautiful baby" Liz said.

I hand her to Liz and she cradled her in her arms carefully.

"She's adorable" Liz said.

Layla suddenly opens her eyes and peers up at her grandma. Liz smiles at Layla.

"She looks just like Luke." Ben said making us all smile.

"She has his eyes," Liz told me.


"She's absolutely perfect," Luke's dad said.

"Thank you."

"I will watch her, you two go on" Liz says.


Luke and I go over to Michael's house. I get greeted by Michael's parents. I hug them both. I also realize that Calum and Ashton are here.

"Hey guys."

We walk into Michael's man cave. Don't even ask okay... We all sit down and watch some tv for awhile.

Later that day, we all have a barbecue at Luke's house.


"Can you help me inside?" Luke's mom asks me.

I nod and go inside the house with her.

"Can you grab some more burger buns?" She asked.

I do as she says and bring them outside. I then go back inside to the kitchen to grab some more. But before I could go out the door, Liz stops me.

"Wait" he says.

"Yes?" I turn back around.

"Sit down, Harmony."

I sit down at the table and she sits across from me.

"What's wrong?" I was worried now.

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk alone with you a little" she replied.


There was a moment of silence.

"What about?"

"Just about you and Luke's future together," she told me.

I knew this was going to be a more serious talk. So I sit back in my chair and listen to her.


"I just wanted to know when Luke and you plan to get married?" She asks me.

"I already told you in about a year or so," I say to her.

"I was thinking that maybe it should be sooner than that" she said.

"I just think it's too soon. We're settling into our new home and dealing with the baby right now, Liz."

"Right" she replied.

"What made you think of this?"

"I just am really eager for you two to get married already! I've never seen two people so in love before!" Liz confesses to me.

"Aww that's sweet" I say.

"Yeah," she sighs.

"But I get that if you're not ready now, you're not ready. I'm not gonna rush you guys." She told me honestly.

"That means a lot to me. I'm glad that you feel that way. I will talk to Luke about possibly moving the wedding."

"I knew you wanted to move it! Now, maybe we could look for a wedding dress for you together!" Liz said.

"That would be amazing!" I smile brightly at her.

"I'm happy we had this talk, Harmony."

"Me too."

We walk outside and join everyone. Luke walks up to me and hugs me. I try to kiss him but fail at it. He picks me up and kisses me.

"Can we talk for a minute?"

"Sure thing babe" he answered.

We go to sit on the deck. He makes me sit on his lap.

"So I just talked to your mom."

"About?" He asked.

"She wants us to move the wedding closer. I was actually just thinking about it and..." I try to say but he cuts me off there.

"And what, Harmony?"

"Maybe we should move the wedding" I suggested.

"I was hoping you would say that" he said.


"Yes" he replied.

"Why?" I was curious of his answer.

"Because I love you and I don't want to wait any longer, Harmony!"

"Me either," I confess to Luke.

"Good." He kisses my lips sweetly.

We go back to the party.

(Luke and Harmony moved the wedding more up!)

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