Chapter 10

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I walked over to the door. I looked through the peep hole. A young lady was standing their with her arms filled with towels soap and duvets. I let her in "hi my names Georgia. my job is to deliver supplies to everyone, for to door. here are yours." she said happily. "thanks." I replied. I carried on looking at her through the windows and she was delivering them to everyone. "I took the things and unpacked them into all of the rooms. "guys it's getting dark I think we should get some sleep." Francesca said. we all went into our separate rooms and fell asleep

(Megan's POV)

We opened the door after it knocked. I woman handed us some supplies to settle in for the night. I didn't know how I could sleep knowing that all of this was going in, all it takes is one zombie to get in to kill us all. "come on get some sleep girls!" Ellie demanded.

(Pecks POV)

I was stilled annoyed with what I did so I went upstairs, I heard a knock at the door. I stayed in my room. I saw a picture frame in the corner of the room and I remember that Leighanna dropped a picture of her and her brother on the floor when we got here. I picked up the frame and placed the picked up the picture and put it in the frame. I went over to there house and posted through the letter box. there was a note attached to it.

Dear Leighanna,
I'm really, really sorry
From peck

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