Chapter 2

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We made it to the club in one piece and I was surprised the line wasn't that long when we got there

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We made it to the club in one piece and I was surprised the line wasn't that long when we got there. We went past the bouncer and headed inside. Music was pumping and sweaty bodies were on the dance floor having the time of their lives.

"Are you gonna drink tonight?" Kaia asks as we made our way over to an empty booth.

"I'm going out early tomorrow so no,"

"Me too, Kade and I are meeting up tomorrow to go visit our parents,"

"How are they? I miss them." I said.

"They're good, same old same old. I'll tell them you say hi." She says and I nodded.

I look over to the crowd and saw a real cute red headed girl eyeing Kaia but Kaia didn't realize. I nudged her arm.

"That redhead is practically drooling at you, look over but don't make it obvious." I told her.

Kaia practically flings her head in the girl's direction and I cringed.

"Real subtle Kaia," I shook my head at her. She blushed and looked away.

"She's really cute, do you think I should maybe ask her to dance?" Kaia asks.

"You know you talk a lot of shit when it comes to women but you're shy as shit when you actually need to make a move." I said to her. I saw the girl walking in our direction. "Act normal redhead is coming this way."

Kaia threw her head in the girl's direction again, making it very obvious we were talking about her.

This fucking girl.

The redhead laughs as she walked up to our booth.

"Hi ladies how are we doing tonight?"

"Good how are you?" I responded.

"Good can't complain especially after seeing this beauty over here, I'm Macy by the way." Macy said looking over at Kaia.

Kaia sat there staring at Macy with her mouth slightly open, while Macy was waiting for an answer.

The secondhand embarrassment was getting too much for me, I tried to help her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Yasmine and this is my best friend Kaia," I said trying to help Kaia. I hope she snaps out of whatever trance she had going.

"H-hi," Kaia says and her face turns red.

"You're cute," Macy chuckles.  "Wanna dance?" She asks and Kaia nodded.

Macy holds out her hand for Kaia to take. Once Kaia grabs her hand she began leading her to the dance floor.

Kaia looks back to me mouthing 'Oh my gosh' 'I'll be right back'

"It was nice meeting you Yasmine," Macy yelled over her shoulder. I smiled watching them hit the dance floor.

Macy was really attractive, she was tall and slender. She looked like she could be a model. Her red hair was short around her face and she had pretty green eyes. I see why Kaia was so mesmerized.

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