Preference 14- He Makes You Insecure, (Niall, Part 1/2)

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He Makes You Insecure, (Niall, Part 1/2):

You waltz into the living room so happy you think you’re going to burst. Niall’s sitting quietly watching the television. He’s just come in from work and he’s only said hi and how are you. Nothing else.

“Niall guess what!”

He turns his head making the slightest effort to listen to your news. “What?” He says in a girly sarcastic tone.

You sit next to him and look him in the eyes, “I got accepted into college!”

He faintly smiles and turns his head back to the television. “That’s great princess.”

You squeal with excitement and jump around in your chair. “Yippeeee!”

Niall stands up and strops into the kitchen, sighing heavily as he pushes the doors open. Your natural instinct is to follow him. So you do.

“Niall are you not pleased for me? I mean I’ve been waiting to hear about this for months!”

He nods his head as he sips his water, “oh I know. It’s the only thing you’ve been talking about.” He sets the cup down on the bench and walks back through to the living room, knocking your shoulder as he passes you.


His body sinks down into the settee, “what now?”

“What’s gotten in to you?!” You sit next to him and put your hand on his shoulder. “Niall if there’s something wrong you can tell me.”

“Can you just give me some space please?” He gets up and starts walking to the stairs.

You chase after him, “Niall! Please tell me what’s the matter!”

He sharply turns round and screams at you, “IT’S YOU (Y/N)! God sake. You can’t leave me alone for one bloody minute! I need space! Yes you got accepted into college but so have thousands of other teens and you don’t see them annoying the living daylights out of their boyfriends, do you?! Just please, go and bother someone else about your ‘college application’.” He realises what he’s just said and his face is guilt ridden.

“I can’t believe you just said that.” You whisper, on the bridge of crying. He tries to come over and say sorry, hug you. But you push him away. “No Niall, you can’t say something like that then expect me to forgive you and hug you.” You push past him and run upstairs and start packing a bag to take to your mums house.

He makes you feel like you’re too clingy and loud. Well you won’t be talking to him for a while then.