Chapter 5

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Dylan's Pov:

I finished the work out with all the other Captains from all the other teams and sighed in relief. I just wasn't feeling it and I'd already had my ass chewed out by Patty once today.

She may not be my captain any more but she was running the Captains functions and yeah the last few weeks I've been dragging a little. Not much but I'm not on my game and even though I was doing way better then most of the other girls Patty knew I wasn't 100% and made her displeasure known.

I hate it here. Okay that's a lie. I don't hate it here, not really but I'm beyond ready to be back home. Back with T just doing us. Hanging out and loving life and having that one person that knows you better then you know yourself.

I have two more weeks here and I think I may end up crying before I actually make it home. Other then late at night when I cant help but get depressed when I think about T and how eventually this will be our lives. Possibly hours away from each other, rarely talking, not seeing each other very often and sleeping separately.

Yep that is one depressing ass thought... Probably because it's inevitable.

The facility is top notch and our dorms are amazing. Each girl gets her own room and bathroom and basically this place is like a big bad ass cheer squad hotel with all the perks you could want. Except the one that I really want but can never have.

Sadly I've been so busy that for the first few weeks I only got to spend maybe ten minutes talking to T each night. Then football camp started and they're doing three a days and so for the last month it's only been a few texts a day and a lot of us playing voice mail tag.

I haven't had an actual conversation with him in two weeks and yeah it's really not a good feeling.

I wonder if he misses me as much as I miss him but then I remember that duh he wouldn't because to him I'm just his sister and he wouldn't have his mind hung up on me like mine is on him.

The only good thing about this 'away time' is that I've resolved to be completely normal around him when I get home. I will NEVER let him even suspect that I have 'those' feelings for him.

I've tasted what it feels like not to have him in my life these past six weeks and at least I have the light at the end of the tunnel knowing that once I get done here we'll be back to our 'normal bond'

I can't imagine how I'd get through this if I knew that the 'away time' was permanent because, you know he hated me cause I'm a disgusting freak with 'brother issues' apparently.

I pushed my door open and dropped down on my bed face first and inhaled my pillow that still has a faint T smell. I guess before I go to bed tonight I'll need to spray it with his cologne again.

I snuggled deeper and let a million different memories flood my mind.

I felt my eyes sting and bit my lip and flipped onto my back breathing slowly to keep the sadness at bay. To hold back the tears that never seem to be far away. 

Even though I fought to hold in my tears a few stubborn bastards leaked out. Because even though I know when I get back home me and T will pick right back up and I'll get to wallow in our 'us-ness' eventually it'll come to an end and we'll lose our bond becoming just a normal brother and sister.

I felt something rub my cheek and acting on instinct shot my hand out and kicked my trainer clad shoe at my intruders leg. In an instant I slammed my body down on his and pinned him to the foot of the bed.

"What the f*ck are you doing in my room!" I growled angrily.

If this was another one of the stupid guy cheerleaders thinking that all the hell no's I gave them was a joke and that this would help their case I was gonna go mental. As depressing as my thoughts were I was in no mood to even attempt to be even remotely nice and I'll probably kick some ass.

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