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After Ashu boarded his flight I was back in my safe place, my work.

Parth: Morning Sir.

I just nodded because this is what I have been, no actually what time has made me,the total opposition of what I used to be.

Sid: Parth just give me my schedule for today and also the details of these two days.

Parth: Sir about your Schedule it has just a meeting lined up with Mr.Raichand's company at 12 and all the details of these two days have been already mailed to your account.

I nodded and he left. I was checking my emails when Mr. Raichand's message caught my attention

"Mr.Sidharth with due apology I can't be present in the meeting, due to some other commitments in Angeles but the project assistant would be there with all the documents."

I just hate such people who aren't interested in doing anything but wants everything, why the hell did I agreed for this deal..... But it's about professionalism Sidharth so just concentrate on what they need to present, I thought to myself before leaving for the conference room.


You all may leave, I said getting angrier by the way this project was unfolding.

Sir please understand Mr. Raichand won't like it please, we may even have to cost our jobs, someone from that group said.

I sighed as it wasn't something they did so for these employees I agreed for another chance.

Mr. Raichand isn't present here, so one more chance and maybe the last, I hate to waste my time on such things, either ask him to be there the next time with the one who made this presentation so that I could actually understand the soul of this project without gathering mugged up information or tell Mr. Raichand to forget this, I said before walking away and calling Parth in my cabin.

Sid: Parth re-schedule this meeting for day after tomorrow same time as I had a free schedule then I think.
Parth: Yes Sir, just a online meeting with the heads of Other branches of AS Enterprises
Sid: Great then, I think it's all for the day, I need to leave now.

I said packing up my things as I thought to surprise Aadia by picking her up from her school. I was about to get up when I saw Parth still standing there with a hesitant look.

Sid: Go Ahead Parth, I won't eat you up.
Parth: Sir....
Sid: Do you want to speak something, if not then excuse me.
Parth: Sir....Sir why did you agree for another chance, wasn't it only one chance in your way of dealing.
Sid: How does it matter?
Parth: So... Sorry but I was just trying to understand this because it was the first time I saw you giving the same project another chance.
Sid: It's alright anyways about your question yeah it was one chance only in my ways of working but all their eyes showed vulnerability of loosing their jobs if this meeting failed without actually being at fault and I don't want anyone to face this.

Parth: I'm....

Sid: It's alright Parth, and anyways today's presentation was not my way, it was clearly seen on their faces that they haven't worked on this project, it was someone's else idea so the next would be probably their first chance.

Parth: Fine.

I saw him still looking at me and I was confused this time.

Sid: Now what?
Parth: Don't fire me for this, You have been an amazing boss to work under but sir sometimes your I don't care wala attitude makes you rude even when you are not, you don't leave any chance to make us comfortable then why rude always?

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