Overprotective Much?

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The room sat in an awful silence, only the creaking of the house and Kreature could be heard. "What," Sirius stuttered. Lyrica sighed and quietly left the room. Frank moved to follow her, but Sirius growled, no boy was to go near his 'daughter'. Frank backed up quickly in alarm. Rebecca rolled her eyes at their foolishness and said, "Honesty, you are all being rediculous! Lyrica only needs a moment to compose herself. I was going to check on her in a few minutes anyway. Sirius, she can take care of herself. Frank, give her some space alright." With that said she stormed from the room in search of her friend.

Silence reigned once more. It was Alice that broke the silence, "Any questions we can answer?" Tonks quickly jumped at the opportunity to ask her questions. "How did Bill react to you and Vic?" Teddy and Victoire blushed deeply. Dominique and Louis laughed loudly, they remembered the day clearly. "We blame James," the couple said in unison, as if practiced. James smirked an exclaimed, "I caught them snogging behind a pillar on platform nine and three quarters. I've never seen Bill so angry and relieved." "You see Dad didn't want one if his baby girls to date, but he was glad it was Teddy. To make things worse he confessed to betting on the two if them! I'd never seen Vicky that angry or mortified before. Louis almost got hit by a stray pie," Dominique interrupted.

Ginny was next to ask a question, smirking slightly too, "If your so cocky James why don't you tell us the most embarrassing moment of your life." Janes gulped and thought hard before answering, "It's a tie between two. The first would have to be when Alice's dad, my herbology professor, pulled me aside to ask me about my relationship with Alice. What's even worse was that Uncle George walked in at that moment to deliver a new one of his products. He heard everything and never let it go. The other is horrible! Lily used to be really into taking my things. One day, about a year ago, I decided to take a shower at Hogwarts. Well Lily, being my sister, snuck in a took all my clothes. I was forced to walk back to the Tower in nothing but a towel. This happened only a few days after Alice and I started dating so Neville was torn between thinking me a delinquent and Lily a genius. Happy mum?" "Estatic, now who's next?"

"I'll go," Lyrica said quietly as she walked into the room. "Alright let's hear it then Doe," Frank demanded. "Well my adoptive brother Zacharie is horrifid and he issue main reason that this moment happened. Anyway, a few years ago he started to realise that I was indeed a girl. That was when he started to bring over his friends. He would force me to talk and get to know them. All of then were snotty or rude. It was only this year that he discovered I have had a boyfriend since fourth year." "WHAT!" Sirius and Teddy screamed. Lyrica ignored them and continued, "However, it's the way that he found out that is horribly embarrassing. My boyfriend and I- oh stop the growling you two! Anyway, we were sitting in my bedroom talking. As a couple we had decided to take things slow so we had yet to have our first kiss. After a few hours of sitting around doing nothing he finally decided to kiss me. It was that moment that Zacharie chose to walk in with his perverted friends. We didn't even realise they were there until I was yanked away from my boyfriend. The conversation following shall never be discussed again." It was then that she turned to the two fuming men and she asked, "Is there a problem?" "Yes there is! Who the hell are you dating!" "Dad I would appreciate it if you were a bit more understanding. My boyfriend is the sweetest boy I know and I love him." Sirius said nothing, but he continued to mutter things. Lyrica turned to Teddy next. "I have only given you permission to date one guy and if it isn't that guy someone will be dead when we get back home." Lyrica rolled her eyes at the man in front of her, some of the wolf genes he inherited were coming out. "First off, I can make my own decisions and I don't need your premission. I still want it though because you opinion means a lot to me, you are my God brother. Would it make you happy to know that it is the boy you approve of?" Teddy cheered because of this news before saying, "I'm still killing him mentally though." Everybody laughed, in unease or humor it was unknown. "Who is it?" "Hello Mrs. Weasley you look wonderful today. As for my boyfriend? Let my friends, excluding the ones that know, take a wild guess." "Louis?" "EW NO!" "HEY!" "Carter?" "No" "It's Frank," Molly exclaimed as she jumped up. Said couple blushed but didn't deny it. "How did your other brothers react?" Ginny asked curiously, she wanted to see if Lyrica had at least one decent adoptive sibling. "Zacharie was furious because he wanted me to be with his friends, Maël was upset I didn't tell him, and Jérôme just about strangled Frank." "He wasn't very please with me for dating his little sister. I never knew how intimidating a buff french veela could be." Sirius glared at Frank, nearly Melting the poor boy into a puddle of goo. "Dad," Lyrica warned. Sirius looked at her cautiously, still wanting to harm Frank. "Yes?" "Hurt him and you'll find your self impaled by several kitchen utensils." Sirius's eyes widened as Lyrica cursed, she had given away who her mother was. "Remus, how could I have done this to her. Why didn't she tell me?" "Padfoot why don't you ask your daughter?" Lyrica sighed and answered, "Mum thought it would be best not to tell you, especially because you didn't know she was alive until now. However, Mum died Savin my life. When I was only a few months old, Death eaters attacked our home. With her dying vreath, Mum froze me and flooded me to St. Mugos. Now let me reintroduce myself. I'm Lyrica Doe Black, daughter of Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon.

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